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Sep 8, 2012 03:44 PM

glassware question

Looking to buy good quality but not too expensive glasses (several kinds) in smaller quantities (2-6 glasses per style). Found a few sites that have items I like and was wondering

a) if they are good places to buy from

b) if there are any other sites to check out

looking at, and

Want to get new old fashioned, highball, collins, hurricane, coupe glasses....with maybe a couple other unique/fun ones


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  1. I can speak of the quality of the Boston Shaker and have bought many things from there, but luckily I can inspect the glasses in person since I live in town. Many of the glasses are from Libbey but others are from higher end glass vendors.

    The other places I can recommend are antique shops in your town or a few towns over. We'll frequently drive an hour+ to shop at stores that have great selections of vintage glassware. We've gotten plenty in the 50 cents to $5 a stem range ranging from cocktail to rocks glasses. Also, Salvation Army stores can be goldmines.

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    1. re: yarm

      Thanks yarm
      I have tried looking around for some antique glasses but haven't had much luck (and as a single mom to 5 kids, don't have much time haha). I'm in the Philly burbs if anyone has any store suggestions

      1. re: SBackes

        I've had some success at the Bird In Hand Consignment Shop on Germantown Ave. in Chestnut Hill. In the back room especially you can often find some little lots of glassware. I found some nice, small coupe glasses there a wee while back.

        1. re: tokyopix

          Are there any auctions close to you? We got a set of antique cut crystal glasses with more than 60 pieces for . . . $17 at an auction.

      2. re: yarm

        I agree, check antique shops and thrift stores. Old glasses tend to be much more interesting and importantly, SMALLER than the modern fishbowl glasses. I've found some great stuff at local thrift stores.

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