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Sep 8, 2012 02:23 PM

Any Sri Lankan hounds on this board?

There are only about 2 questions about Sri Lanka in the past 2 years and neither got any responses. I'm going over Xmas and New Years and specifically looking for 2 dinners in Colombo, 1 in Kandy and 1 in Ella. We'll probably just be doing street food for lunch most days and the rest of the time we are at a yoga retreat and food will be provided. I've eaten Sri Lankan food in London (there's one restaurant near me and a friend's housekeeper is Sri Lankan and cooks for them 1-2 times a week) but have not been to Sri Lanka so I can't wait to try the food there.

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  1. I was in Sri Lanka for 4 weeks last year and the best food was in guest houses rather than restaurants.Even if your not staying some guest houses will let you eat there.

    The food in Ella was by far the best I had in Sri Lanka, The meal at the Rawana Guest House was the stand out of the stay and the garlic curry is a must. You will have to book ahead of time.

    Kandy was so so for food but the samosas at the Kandy Muslim Hotel along with the kotthu were good. If you're searching for snacks the bake house virtually next door to the Muslim Hotel does great egg and curry puffs and the tea's fairly decent too.

    BTW the way if you happen to find yourself in Haputale for any reason then the samosas straight out of the fryer from Risara bakery are fantastic.

    I didn't stay in Colombo and passed through on the way to the airport. Tried the Pagoda Tea room on account of the Duran Duran video for Hungry Like the Wolf being filmed there, it's seen better days and the food wasn't that memorable but the mutton rolls were ok.

    1. I married a Sri Lankan, learned my mother in law's recipes, and lived in Sri Lanka for nine years. I'm Canadian, though.

      When we eat out, we tend to do other-than Sri Lankan cooking because, honestly, we prefer mine or my mother in law's cooking to any outside Sri Lankan food. My mother in law is a fantastic cook, so I've been very lucky to learn from her. :)

      Sri Lankan food is, in my opinion, among the very best in the world. :)