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Sep 8, 2012 02:04 PM

tri-colored sage

Has anyone cooked with tri-colored sage? My regular sage has wilted horribly. Not sure if I watered it too much or too little, but I think it's a goner. Oddly enough, the tri-colored sage in a similarly sized pot in the same location (full sun) is doing fine. I want to make chicken with apples (homegrown, of course) and sage. Any reason not to use the tri-colored?

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  1. Nope. All the commonly available sages taste pretty much the same.

    1. It's pretty, but i've had some trouble growing that too. I thnk I've spoiled it with potting soil and too much water, etc, when it grows best in my hardpan clay desert soil. Too much water makes it ferklempt,. One day I'll master it, but until then, I think we're on opposite ends of the spectrum for growing sage and neither of us are hitting the mark.

      1. Come to think of it, I never watered my herb garden, mostly perennials, this summer and it was a dry summer. I think a rule of thumb is that gray leaves, furry leaves, and similar do better without too much water. My perennial herbs are in a bed between the driveway and the kitchen porch facing south. Sage is beginning to take over.

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          You're right about fuzzy gray leaves. I never water plants like lambs ears. I was rather stupid about the sage and now it is DEAD. However, I don't use sage all that much and the tri-colored is fine.