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Sep 8, 2012 01:49 PM

Question about homemade apple pie filling

I want to make "apple enchiladas" for a staff meeting in two weeks. Apples should be plentiful and delicious by then.
It suggests using apple pie filling from a can. I just can't do that. Any suggestions about what to do instead because it only bakes for 30 mins while rolled up in tortillas (only 350 degrees). Do I start cooking the apples down in a pot ahead of time? What kind of apples should I use?

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  1. Yes, make a cooked apple pie filling using two kinds of apples, like a macintosh, which gets saucy when cooked, and a Granny Smith or golden delicious. Taste for sugar and seasoning, let cool, and use this to fill your enchiladas.

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      When you make the filling, thicken it with tapioca which you have pulverized with a blender, processor, or coffee grinder. Tapioca provides a better texture than lour or cornstarch. You'll want it a bit thicker than would be needed in a pie.

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        If you're cooking down the apples in this way, you're cooking off a lot of the water, and you may not need to thicken this at all. Given that the finished "enchiladas" are being baked for a relatively brief amount of time, you want to cook the apples completely. I use tapioca filling when I need to thicken an apple pie, but I'm not sure you'd need to in this instance.

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            That's good to know. It's basically a warming through, so that is important to cook it through.

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          Make sure to use fresh lemon juice.

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            I love using Gravensteins, tried them for the first time at an orchard up in NorCal, and WOW! Like them better than Granny Smiths, but don't know if they are as widely available as Granny Smiths are. But if you ever see them, try them....

          2. I hope that the resulting enchiladas come out tasting like McDonald's apple pies (or better, of course). I liked those little egg-roll-looking pies as a kid, and the filling was real tasty too.

            Apples to use -- half Golden Delicious, and half Ginger Golds.

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              I'll post results. I love golden delicious and will pick one more too.

            2. You may want to consider using a good bit of dried apple slices in place of the fresh, reconstituted in orange or apple juice.