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Sep 8, 2012 12:16 PM

Culinary tours in Italy


I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good cooking tour in Italy. Traveling alone- would love to do the truffle festival in October. Any suggestions?


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    1. I recently did one through International Kitchen, the Classic Tuscany tour. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was fantastic. I was with my mother but there was a single person in our group. The groups are capped at 8. We would cook for 4 hours each day, eat what we made for lunch, then either relax or tour in the afternoon (it's all an itinerary). We made at least 6 or 7 things at every lesson and what we cooked was delicious. Claudio, the instructor was fantastic- very flexible in what we cooked, all the produce was from his farm, meat was locally sourced. We also went to the farmers market in the small town that the B&B was outside of to pick up cheese and tripe, which I got to cook (the tripe). It was my favorite part of my trip to Italy; far exceeding my expectations.

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        Thank you!!! I will look into that!

        I came across the October truffle festival held by the international cooking school. Has anyone been on this?

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          I hope this assists:

          Silvestro Silvestri
          The Awaiting Table Cookery School
          Lecce, Puglia

          To have lunch: Trattoria Cuina Casereccia Lezie
          011 39 0832 245 178

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Hi Connie,
          have a look at the following blog this is a great report on a cooking course in Tuscany named
          hope this will help

          1. I know that Judy Witts Francini ( is beginning to organize special truffle weeks in Tuscany. I'm not 100% sure if she has them up and running yet, but I know she is working on it.