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Sep 8, 2012 09:25 AM

Looking for top NYC restaurants that are kid-friendly

I'm an ex-New Yorker coming back around Thanksgiving and looking for any recommendations for really awesome restaurants that I can bring kids to [my kids are pretty well behaved and 9 and 6 as fyi]. I'm looking for nicer places vs really good cheap/ casual in this case, for example maybe the Nougatine room for lunch at Jean Georges as an idea. Oh and i'm targeting Manhattan only.

I'm less worried about them having food they can eat (they are good eaters), but i'm not going to pay $125 for a prix fixe meal for them. So any ideas of new places, old places that I can get reservations (thanksgiving is a crazy week) that aren't totally crazy to bring kids are appreciated.

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  1. This report will probably help -- the poster took their family to Craft, the NoMad, Lupa, and Maialino. They had two kids, ages 6, and 8, very close to yours. And these are all a la carte, which helps with kids (smaller appetites, etc).

    This might help as well, Marea and Ma Peche, among other places are suggested: