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Sep 8, 2012 08:35 AM

Packing up a Kitchen Aid mixer for a cross-country move

Moving across country soon, and I am trying to figure out the best way to move my Kitchen Aid mixer without damage. We are flying and hiring a mover for our stuff. I foolishly threw away the box it came in (took up too much space in my tiny apartment when I got it!) Anyone have any tips? I am thinking of wrapping it in bubble tape and tossing it into a box with a bunch of old towels or perhaps packing peanuts. Thanks in advance!

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  1. You could always have the movers pack it. That way if it is damaged, it is on them. I have moved several times and every time the movers did the packing, nothing was broken. Unfortunately, the same could not be said when I packed us.

    I think bubble wrap and the towels will work fine. Packing peanuts tend to be a big pain in the neck. You could also wrap in bubble wrap and fill the rest of the box with old newspapers crumbled up. Good luck with the move!

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      Thanks - I hadn't thought of just having that packed - I might pack what I know I can, and let the pros handle it. I agree that packing peanuts are a pain!

    2. I don't recommend newspapers or bubble wrap, which can compress when pressed with something heavy. I used blankets on the bottom and pillows all around mine when we moved, and it was fine despite many toppled boxes when my husband drove the moving van.

      1. wanted to bump this thread bc I too am moving a few states in a few weeks. I started packing my kitchen aid last night and i'm having a hard time. Medium box is too big and small box is not tall enough. i'm wondering if anyone has any tips.

        i'm also a bit freaked out bc a few weeks ago my kitchen aid was dripping some kind of brown oily liquid from the part that connects to the attachment. i want to keep it upright, i guess. oh, i don't know!!

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          Hi trolley - I ended up having the movers pack it. They wrapped each peace in several layers of paper in a medium sized box, with other light things also wrapped in paper around it. There was a lot of paper involved, but the mixer took the cross country move and six months in storage beautifully. The box was marked "Heavy" and "this side up" and it was totally fine. Good luck with your move!