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Sep 8, 2012 07:42 AM

Two days in Hartford with a quick trip to the coast for the day-Deliciousness wanted!

Hi Everyone -
I will be in Hartford for two days. Am staying in West Hartford both nights and want to shoot down to the Old Saybrook, Lyme area for lunch. Am looking for delicious fresh seafood, lobster, clams etc. Deliciousness is much more important than decor. Also any recs for West Hartford for outstanding food? Many thanks in advance for the great suggestions

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    1. re: brookerme

      Thank you very much!! I look forward to checking this out!

      1. re: Sarasml

        Liv's in Old Saybrook is a solid pick, usually very good. If you can sit at the bar, for some reason it's far better service.
        I also like Aspen in Old Saybrook, never had a bad meal, not totally focused on seafood, though.
        Fresh Salt has a lovely water view, I wouldn't eat there (maybe starters and drinks.)

        1. re: dennisl

          Thank you! Any recs for a place that serves whole lobster? Either near W Hartford or Westbrook or Old Saybrook?

          1. re: Sarasml

            There is Westbrook Lobster, on Route 1. I have never been so maybe other's have experience. I do know it's right on Route 1, so no real scenic view.

            A little bit up the road in Clinton is Lobster Landing, great lobster rolls, and they sell whole lobsters to take home but I didn't know if they steam them there as a meal.Plastic picnic tables, but near the water.