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Sep 8, 2012 06:48 AM

Vitamix Cookbook Confusion...

There seems to be two version of the Create cookbook with a regular hardbound book and the one in a binder that folds flat which I would prefer. Also there's a DVD with Michael Simon and one with another chef named Michael V something. One says over 300 recipes and one 200. One is supposed to be chef inspired recipes but the one that came with my 300 says nothing about chef's recipes in there and it's hardbound.

Can someone clear this up? I'm really confused. For those that just got their 750, which cookbook came with it? Would prefer the binder with the chef inspired recipes. Thanks!

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  1. All the cookbooks are available for sale at VitaMix.

    1. the 750 comes with the Create hardback book & DVD with chef V... 6 books are available from Vitamix-neither Create is on their website as of today.

      The other Create is an older book with includes the Michael Symon DVD, another book-recipes from Master Chefs, and comes only with the CIA Vitamix edition of a different machine.
      I agree with you-I would like that one also.

      1. As sharanne said, my 750 (purchased last Sunday) came with the hardbound Create. If given a choice, I would have preferred it in binder form.

        Their cookbooks are written for specific models. I was considering ordering 'Whole Food", but on Vitamix's site, they specifically state that it is not for the 750. When I ordered my 32 oz. container on the phone I asked JP about that and he said that the settings were different for the newer models, and that you would have to figure out which ones to use, and it would be very confusing. For $50, I'll pass.

        Chef V on the DVD isn't exactly the best presenter - he is so serious and it bugs me to death that he never knows where the camera is and it takes them a few seconds to catch up with the front of his face. Love the the tattoo on his arm and hand.

        1. Thanks! I forgot Vitamix was open today so I gave them a call. When they said chef inspired recipes it wasn't the ones we know from the cooking shows. It was chefs from their own test kitchens. I guess what threw me was when the QVC presented their machines they mentioned one recipe was from Batali so I somehow assumed the other recipes were from similar known chefs and that the Pro books were the must sophisticated. There are so many recipes on the net for these machines I might sell my book. Doesn't really interest me especially if I'm going to have presets. Once you understand how it works and how to load the container I don't think you need a specific book.

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            I don't think it is the greatest cookbook, but at least it gives me some idea of ingredients and settings etc.. As I branch out with the 750, my first Vitamix, I will learn by trial and error (hopefully not too many errors), and can get more out of this book.

            We crushed ice last night in barely seconds.... very very impressive. Next time I don't think we will use as much water as we saw online.

            Tomorrow ... frozen margaritas from the book ....made with real fruit - an orange, a lemon and a lime. Has anyone tried this recipe?