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Sep 8, 2012 04:29 AM

Tips on where to buy quality espresso beans for home machine?

I'm tired of replenishing my 330g/ 1 lb. of coffee every few weeks. Can I find a quality bean in 1 kg orders without spending a small fortune? I'm a loyal coffee intelligentsia drinker so anything at par or near their Black Cat label is ideal. Goes SHMiT sell 1 kg's? If so, at what cost?
Thanks and cheers.

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    1. re: poser

      Kittel is a local roaster that opened earlier this year, and according to their web site they sell 2.25kg bags:

    2. Saint-Henri does indeed sell larger bags, but they're not a substantial savings over the cost of buying the same amount in smaller ones. Other coffees you might want to try, if you like Black Cat, are from Ritual, Phil and Sebastian, Heart or Stumptown espressos. Available at Myriade (Ritual and Heart), Pikolo (Heart and Phil and Sebastian), and Flocon (Stumptown). Yes, you have to buy them more often - most are 12 oz bags - but they are fresh (usually the stores have them within a week of roasting, often sooner).

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        1. re: Auguste Gusteau

          Caffe in Gamba has a good selection of espresso blends from micro-roasters. Not cheap: they charge $15-20 for a 12oz bag. Make sure you check roast dates, tho. Sometimes they sell coffee that should have been discarded weeks ago...

          1. re: linzertorte

            @linzertorte - thanks. Gamba has been a favorite of mine but it's fast becoming an expensive habit. Thanks for the date check tip, btw. Do you have a favorite take-home espresso brand? I've seen numerous 1kg bags at the Italian grocery store (little italy/ west side) but I'm unfamiliar with any of them.

            1. re: Auguste Gusteau

              Unfortunately, most espresso you can find packaged in grocery stores just isn't freshly roasted and will yield only mediocre espresso. I you want good espresso, you will phave to shell out the $$$ for freshly roasted beans or roast the beans yourself (which is doable but won't match the quality of an experienced roaster). There are many good roasters: 49th parallel, blue bottle, intelligentsia, counter culture....) St. Henri is a good, local option that's cheaper than many of the coffees that are flown in. Another option is to mail-order coffee from a nearby micro-roaster (e.g. Social coffee, which offers 12oz bags for $12).

              1. re: linzertorte

                Thanks for the tip, linzertorte! I just ordered some of Social Coffee's 2012 award-winning roast ( 'Twas expensive ($29 for 12oz), and being a single-origin, I'm probably not going to enjoy it as much as an espresso roast, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for (potential) transcendental coffee experiences.

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