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Sep 8, 2012 01:36 AM

Le Cornichon

We dined for the first time at Le Cornichon last night, the first of 20 dinners we will have on this trip, and for pure enjoyment, it will be hard to beat. We've seen very little mentioned here, but there are some good links on PbM. We had the 34 euro menu, a deal. Tete de veau snackee minute (quickly fried?) with cervelle frite (creamy, wow, just enuf) et girolles aigre douce (tiniest pickled little fellows) will stay in my memory for a long time.

Our other entree, sauté de champignons minute, escargots, echalotes et jus de viande, was almost as good. Plats: cabillaud poche au the (tea) torrefie, petites poireaux grilles, Aubergines et sesame was delicate -- maybe a bit too so, but very nice -- and my joues de veau braisee tomatoes, etc., was superb. All with a very nice 40 euro Bourgogne.

We slit a cheese course of Camembert de Normandie au lait cru (with a glass of Quincy), and finished by sharing pommes et poires confites caramelisees w/ sorbet fromage blanc.

The chef, we understand from PbM, is a CLJ alum, and it shows.

The small place was packed by 9:30, many were turned away.


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  1. I'll support this take Jake. Just a little over a year ago (May 26th to be exact) I had a very nice meal there and in doing so met a new friend for the rest of my life who said this was one of his favorite neighborhood places. Time to go back.

    1. Thanks for the review. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

      1. Many thanks for this fine report, Jake. May we hope for 19 more in as many days? It is a special tteat to hear from diners whose palates you've calibrated at table.

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          There won't be 19 reports in so many days, I'm sure, but maybe a few here and there. I'll generally wait until our return to comment. But I'll say this about yesterday lunch for three: L'Ilot, 4 rue de la Corderie, 3eme (right around the corner from Genin), a seafood specialist, was perfect for a casual and lightish lunch. Everything was cold: 12 huitres tasting of the sea, 6 crevettes bio, servings of anguille (eel), marinated herring, a bowl of bulots with Mayo, small green salad, and two bottles of appropriately crisp muscadet. Oh, and a great Kouign Amann to share, and three espress. Euros 105 for three. It's on Le Fooding, and soon to be on Dr. John's blog, we assume. (Edit: I should have known to look before I clicked; it's there already, as of last night:


          Quick note: Last night's dinner at L'Auberge du 15 was very good, Mo liked it a bit more than me, details later. Today we must go picnic shopping (what a chore!) for tomorrow's TGV ride to Sete and our little Tour de Languedoc. Tonight, Terrior Parisian.