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Sep 8, 2012 12:47 AM

A surfeit of quince

My quince tree is going crazy this year, and I'm in need of suggestions as to how to use the fruit. I pare, slice and freeze a lot of them for cobblers and pies in winter, but there's only so much quince paste I can take. Any suggestions? I have one recipe for a quince/lamb stew: other savory suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Paula Wolfert Has a great Tangine that uses Quince.
    Quince Jam And Jelly are a great way to preserve it.
    Kidoni Gliko Greek Quince preserves
    A search on Iranian recipes, They are big on quince in Iran.

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          1. Could you slice and dry it, then grind some of it into powder? That's a space-saving route to long-term storage. Dried slices and powders are easy additions to sauces, compotes, and the like.

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              I could probably do that--could be really interesting. Drying fruit in my area (Near Seattle) is tricky since things are so...moist around here.

              I Ike the curd idea for some of it. But seriously, most recipes call for 1-3 pounds of fruit, and I have so much more than that.

              I started a batch of quince caramels and jelly this morning. I am going to add chutney and at least one batch of curd to the list. Will make some of the Persian lime syrup for drinks as well--and someone else linked me to This which looks yummy too.