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Sep 7, 2012 08:27 PM

Portland Chow for College Kid and Parent

College road trip includes one lunch on or near the Lewis and Clark campus. One dinner downtown. There will be plenty of driving on this trip, so ideally I would like to stay close to the college for lunch, and anything walkable from the Hotel Monaco.
Looking for anything that is specific to Portland-- can be upscale, dive, ethnic, burger etc. anything goes, just chowhound-worthy. I will be posting on the PNW board for suggestions in Salem.

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  1. Please tell us where you are coming from, what foods you like, what resturants you like. So we can have a better idea of what to recommend.

    1. Lunch near Lewis and Clark is easy:
      Dang's Thai (angel wings, mussamun curry, stuffed calamari in green curry, duck in tangerine sauce, crab fried many good things here)

      Downtown offers a lot of choices, not sure what you are really looking for. Also, not sure what an 18 year old might enjoy. Try looking at:

      Clyde Common:
      Little Bird Bistro:
      Gilda's: (I haven't been here, but have heard good things