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Sep 7, 2012 07:18 PM

Cooking eggs in advance

My husband likes to roll through Subway on occasion and get a flat bread with precooked bacon and egg and spinach. I would like to re-create this at home, but prepared in advance so that it is just warmed up. Pre-cooking the bacon and reheating can be done. What I am questioning is cooking the egg. Does any one have suggestions on how to make a scrambled egg ahead and just reheat it as you walk out the door without it getting hard when reheated?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. A scrambled egg shouldn't get hard when you reheat it. Try putting it in a plastic bag, evacuating as much air as possible and dropping it into hot (but not boiling) water for a few minutes prior to loading it into your sandwich.

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      That might take just as long as making scrambled eggs from scratch.

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        Excellent point ipsedixit. It crossed my mind also but because the question wasn't whether it made sense to cook the eggs in advance I stayed away from that thought. I wonder if it's one of those situations where you're all dressed up for work and want to avoid the possibility of soiling the suit with raw eggs and melted butter. :~)

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          One should be able to make scrambled eggs without "soiling" oneself. Don't you think?

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              Not if one over-excites oneself with anticipation.

      2. Most people bake them in muffin cups. Search for "egg muffins" or "make ahead egg" with your favorite search engine and you'll find recipes. Usually people refrigerate for use within the week or freeze for longer storage. Reheat in the microwave in under a minute.

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          I just made egg and sausage in muffin cups, some with a little cheese thrown in. I have them in the freezer for quick breakfasts, either on their own or with a little toast or muffin. They could easily be made with bacon, and then sliced or chunked up for rolling in a wrap. They reheat beautifully in the microwave. The quality of the egg is not at all compromised, in my opinion, if you heat it just enough. I would even venture to think you could put in spinach, if it were very thoroughly drained.

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            Here's a recipe with egg and spinach that I've used for breakfasts a number of times--reheating in the microwave. I use half the butter and twice the spinach.


        2. If you are heating flatbread and such, that is enough time to scramble the eggs--and they will be so much better than Subway.

          1. Thanks for the responses. It is really about giving him an option as we are running out the door for work and daycare. If it is easy, like take from the freezer, defrost for X, it would be possible. And this is just for busy days, clearly I understand that it would be MUCH better if it was cooked to order. It just isn't always a reality for us right now.

            Someone told me that restaurants often cook eggs and hold them in water. I thought maybe some on the CH would have some tips we haven't considered. I will try the egg cups and the Spinach Brownies look good. I appreciate the responses.

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              Those spinach brownies do look good!

              Since you seem to be open to other eggy concoctions...I often have a batch of these breakfast burritos for our freezer. I add about double the salsa, use whole wheat tortillas, and give the tortillas a swipe of beans on the tortillas before I dollop the egg mixture on. They seem to work well for us on the go.


            2. Another alternative: there are several companies selling frozen egg patties, both scrambled and whites only. It looks like they microwave from frozen in 45-60 seconds.

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                Thanks, Jeri. I haven't seen those but will look. Thanks!