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Where to eat in Revere

Hi all...staying at Rodeway Inn on 309 American Legion Hwy in the next few weeks and looking for somewhere within walking distance to have dinner with my wife. We like Mexican a lot being from Toronto there are not many Mexican places up here..not many decent ones anyways. I see on a map a Margaritas Mexican Restaurant half a mile away, decent?
Otherwise anything Cracker Barrel or other chain would be great...nothing seems too close though..is it in an industrial or residential neighbourhood? We will be without car...thanks bob

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  1. For a great Italian bakery and maybe pizza try Esposito Baking Co. 154 Squire Rd Revere, MA 02151. Also, for Italian is DeMaino's on 14 Malden St Revere, MA 02151, it's close and a short cab ride or maybe the hotel can shuttle you over.

    1. You're not to far from Shirley Ave. It looks depressed but has one of the best Cambodian restaurants in Greater Boston, Thmor Da. They close at 8. Also on Shirley Ave is Lupita, a good but basic Mexican restaurant.

      1. For the quintisential Revere experience you must try Kelly's Roast Beef, it's just take out but a great Roast beef Sandwich and a Revere (and Boston) landmark

        1. Both Beachmont and Petes make great ( better than Kelly's IMO) roast beef sandwiches.

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            If you're going that route, you should get the best soft serve cone for dessert at Kreme Kone a few doors down from Kelly's.

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              Kells Kreme is good stuff, I use to love their Italian ice as a kid.

          2. Since you'll be without a car you can walk to The Beach (Revere Beach). That's where Kelley's Roast Beef is... 410 Revere Beach Blvd.

            Thmor Da is at 144 Shirley Ave. (between Nahant Ave & Walden St), also walkable.
            Lupita Bakery is on Shirley Ave. at #109.

            Billy Tse's Chinese Restaurant is at 441 Revere St., also in the direction of the beach. They have delivery service as well as eat in and take away.

            1. Bill Ash's Lounge, an old-school Revere Beach dive bar (the real, scary deal, not some hipster hangout) sandwiched between two restaurants. There is literally a hole in each wall that allows you to order from the neighboring Pizza Kitchen on one side and Happy Garden on the other. Neither of those places is very good (I'd opt for pizza before American-Chinese food), but it is a nonpareil experience. Just watch your back.


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                I thought we were going to make chowish recommendations? :-) That is not the only bar which has windows into take-out joints (Sammy's at least does) and you are overstating how threatening the local dart league is. The Pizza Kitchen is definitely better than the Chinese and also Nick's. However, to my knowledge you can bring in food from just about anywhere to most of the revere beach dives (or at least I have) and those aren't very good recommendations. There are bars closer to Bianchi's and Kelly's, although I don't have an address off the top of my head. You could pick up food on Shirley and bring it to Sammy's or Bill Ash's (and yes, those who have a car and pick up Blackstrap on the way might blend in better than Thmor Da). In any case, I say find a place to eat and then a bar in that order. Some folks like Antonia's for both, but I have had really mixed luck. While I enjoy Revere Beach, its probably going to be easier logistic wise for the OP to go to Beachmont or Central Square in East Boston as starting points.

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                  Given that the OP mentioned Cracker Barrel as an option, I figured I could lower the Chow bar a bit and add some good local color. Bill's keeps a pretty orderly house, but the crowd can definitely run a little rough.


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                    3 Yolks reopened in Lynn, so that might be a better overlap to Cracker Barrel, but its a bit of hike for someone w/o a car. Jimmy's, The Continental, Winthrop Arms probably would have more overlap with the Cracker Barrel crowd than Bill Ash's (I enjoy both).

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                  Might as well hit up Sammy's Patio while your in the neighborhood, just bring your flak vest...

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                    I shared some Thmor Dat Tiger Tears; just put a platter on the bar with some small plates and plastic forks.

                    they coudn't have been nicer at Sammy's.:)

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                      Definitely Plastic Forks, don'y want to get shanked.....lol jk, sammys is only rough around the edges...I used to grab Kelys and eat at the Bar Aka Boulevard, but now its a brick oven pizza place, any feedback on it/

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                        No word on the pizza place. 99% of my trips to Revere Beach have involved Floating Rock and now Thmor Dat. 1 side trip to Bianchi's which I liked.

                        There's a bar at the South end of the Revere T station which I don't recall the name..2 initials. Crowd couldn't have been nicer. shoot some pool, drink heavily and everyybody fits right in; and that's in the morning..:)

                        At dinnertime, we had a real fun time 1 night. ! of the hounds was a post grad at Harvard or MIT. with his degree in rocket science. He` was in an intense and friendly talk with 1 of the regs. Threat level...0. Unfortunately his wife wasn't amused at his 1AM ETA and beaucoup email and phone calls were made to ReverePD. No names mentioned to protect the guilty.

                        Fun night..:)

                        Long story short, there's a history of Revere locals and CH having a lot of laughs together.

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                          Sammy's on a busy Sunday afternoon is good for about 3-4 fights on the patio (this has in the past included least one off-duty member of RPD). They had chain link fence and a small enclosed area well before the MMA.

                          Most of the time there is ample space inside, as well as dark corners for those who need them, and you can bring food in which is why its mentioned on chowhound. You are more likely to hurt yourself falling off a stool than at the hand of a patron. Its a good World Cup bar, occasionally there is edible food at the snack bar outside, and nobody bothers you unless you insist (women get bothered at any bar, but here its mellow as long as its not crowded). Having the patio open to the road even deters a certain type of clientele, but overall it is what it is and as long as you stay in your comfort zone no problem.

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                            oc point taken, but Revere beach came up (suggested by a number of folks) so we are having a side discussion about several places where food can be brought in. Its something unique to Revere (compare Revere beach to Salem or the South Boston Waterfront), there are some things to be aware of (people spending all Sunday drinking will fight), and its chowish if you are into it but only if you bring your own food in. We obviously aren't talking about chef-driven dive bars, but not everyone that comes across this post will be looking for that (and this is Revere, not the Mission or Brooklyn). :-) Since Toronto is good on Portuguese food and has an excellent Chinatown (what Boston hounds often suggest to Toronto visitors...), Revere Beach along with a lobster or clam roll and slice of pizza might be interesting for some future Toronto hound.

                            In any case, I think my recommendations were pretty clear. But I suggest walking to El Paisa for something close. All of El Madina, New Deal Fruit, and Espositos are worth checking out during the day, but a bit more of a walk. Beyond that its a matter of negotiating where the hotel shuttle will drop them off, but I bet that East Boston is the easiest chowish destination.

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                            I think you're talking about Renzo's (brick oven place). I've been there several times and never had a bad meal. The pizza is great, as is a shrimp app we've tried, and a few other meals as well. Great people watching, and great 80's music for us people of the older persuasion, too.

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                              Sorry, the pizza place is in the old Driftwood spot

                      2. Since nobody answered, no, Margarita's is a horrible restaurant. Just horrible.

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                          You are about 1.5 miles to the Beach. I suggest you go to the MBTA web site
                          and find some bus routes to Lynn or Winthrop.
                          In Lynn there is The Blue Ox and Tacos Lupita (great burritos).
                          In Winthrop there is Blackstrap BarBQue (great burnt ends and ribs on Friday and Saturday) and Belle Island Seafood for fried fish and shellfish.
                          Also, once at the beach you can get on the Blue Line (subway) and go to Maverick Station in East Boston and walk to great pizza (Santarpios, avoid mushroom) or KO (Australian meat or veggie pies and other things, we love these). There are also many, many Salvadorian taco places in the Maverick area.

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                            Just a word of caution...I'd be a little concerned about walking around certain areas of Lynn after dark.

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                              I have been to both places at night without a problem.

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                                I've been to both at night, with a problem. One person's experience, in either case, does not reality make. There's a reason that Lynn and Revere have piss poor reputations so caution is always the most prudent route.

                        2. Generally the hotels along that strip offer a van service, probably oriented around heading in the direction of the airport. They might be willing to drop you off at Beachmont T station, which opens up a lot of options for you such as taking the train to Maverick Square (Salvadoran restaurant options), Wonderland (closer to Kelly's/Bianchi's), Revere Beach (closer to Thmor Da), or Orient Heights. Beachmont Roast Beef which is along that route is an excellent option. You might also be able to have them drop you off in Central Square in East Boston which opens up some Salvadoran options along Bennington, Santarpio's for pizza, and El Paisa which is a slightly more upscale Columbian restaurant (their second branch). You could either find your way or take a cab to Angela's in East Boston.

                          There is a Columbian restaurant La Fonda (Paisa?) if you walk across the highway and down Revere street (there is a Blanchard's liquors on the corner). It was quite good, but I think it changed hands since my most recent visit. There is also a bus that goes down Revere Street that I believe takes you to Malden Center where you can go to Fuloon, All Season's Table. A lot of other ethnic choices in Malden, but some of them are a small hike from the center. During the day if you wander to Esposito, New Deal Fruit is a good deli option for sandwiches, and El Madina market too. There is also a Brazilian churrascaria on that part of Rt 60, there were some salvadoran options on Broadway but I think the close ones are closed (its been a while).

                          There is some chain food nearby at Northgate Mall, as well as local and national chains on Route 1, but you have better options. There is some kind of irregular bus service to Square One Mall and there is a Kelly's out there, but again not my suggestion.

                          1. It's been a few years, but when I was in the Revere area quite a bit, I use to go to Companions on Broadway(the street name). It's about a 5 minute cab rider from where you'll be. They have a pretty broad menu from steak and turkey tips to Italian, seafood and salads. They also have the lottery game Keno. It's a good casual neighborhood place with a diningroom on one side and a separate bar area in an abutting room.

                            1. I think your inn is in a commercial area. While Revere is on the beach, it is one of Boston's lower rent areas and has a large Latino immigrant population(similar, in those respects, to East Boston, Winthrop, Chelsea,Lynn.) Boston has few Mexicans, many Central Americans and Brazilians. Prof shorthair and itaunas are very knowledeable and have some v good suggestions further below, but they do involve travel. Will you be sightseeing during the days? If so, you may want to stay in Boston for an early dinner and return to your hotel after dinner.

                              1. I just went to Pesce Pazzo in Revere tonight. It's on the site of the former Mt Vernon and the old Wharf. I was pleasently surprised. A light touch on the Calamari's batter. The Pasta is made on premise and the desserts were outstanding. I didn't order the pizza but they have a wood burning oven.
                                I wouldn't say this is a destination place but if you're in Revere you might also be pleasently surprised