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Sep 7, 2012 07:06 PM

Where to eat in Revere

Hi all...staying at Rodeway Inn on 309 American Legion Hwy in the next few weeks and looking for somewhere within walking distance to have dinner with my wife. We like Mexican a lot being from Toronto there are not many Mexican places up here..not many decent ones anyways. I see on a map a Margaritas Mexican Restaurant half a mile away, decent?
Otherwise anything Cracker Barrel or other chain would be great...nothing seems too close it in an industrial or residential neighbourhood? We will be without car...thanks bob

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  1. For a great Italian bakery and maybe pizza try Esposito Baking Co. 154 Squire Rd Revere, MA 02151. Also, for Italian is DeMaino's on 14 Malden St Revere, MA 02151, it's close and a short cab ride or maybe the hotel can shuttle you over.

    1. You're not to far from Shirley Ave. It looks depressed but has one of the best Cambodian restaurants in Greater Boston, Thmor Da. They close at 8. Also on Shirley Ave is Lupita, a good but basic Mexican restaurant.

      1. For the quintisential Revere experience you must try Kelly's Roast Beef, it's just take out but a great Roast beef Sandwich and a Revere (and Boston) landmark

        1. Both Beachmont and Petes make great ( better than Kelly's IMO) roast beef sandwiches.

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            If you're going that route, you should get the best soft serve cone for dessert at Kreme Kone a few doors down from Kelly's.

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              Kells Kreme is good stuff, I use to love their Italian ice as a kid.

          2. Since you'll be without a car you can walk to The Beach (Revere Beach). That's where Kelley's Roast Beef is... 410 Revere Beach Blvd.

            Thmor Da is at 144 Shirley Ave. (between Nahant Ave & Walden St), also walkable.
            Lupita Bakery is on Shirley Ave. at #109.

            Billy Tse's Chinese Restaurant is at 441 Revere St., also in the direction of the beach. They have delivery service as well as eat in and take away.