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Sep 7, 2012 07:02 PM

Best Eggs Benedict on the Northshore?

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!!!!

The Best Eggs Benedict on the Northshore is where?

An even better, possibly more difficult question-
The Best Lobster Eggs Benedict on the Northshore is?

Thanks for your help :)

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  1. I like Sugar Magnolia's in Gloucester, it's pretty busy on weekends but, worth the wait.

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    1. re: treb

      I like Sugar Mag's just fine, but the only time I had the hollandaise it was prepared from a base and not from scratch. Granted, I'm pretty picky about hollandaise so take it for what it's worth. Obviously lots of people are happy with it.

      The pineapple fritters are yummy, though.

    2. wow, this is such an easy one. Five Corners Kitchen in Marblehead does PERFECT eggs ben. we've been twice in last 3 wks and yay- tomorr is SUNDAY! the sauce is silky and lemonny and every component is spot on!

      1. Alchemy Bistro in Gloucester just sent out an email saying that they just added butter-poached lobster Benedict with chipotle hollandaise. I've had the regular Benny and it was very good, so it might be worth a try if Gloucester works for you.

        1. Thanks for your suggestions :) This weekend we tried the Gloucester Benedict at Alchemy which was pretty good. The eggs were cooked to perfection though the lobster was a little tough. Would be psyched to check out their newest lobster Benedict. Also psyched to try the eggs Benedict at 5 Corners now that they have re-opened. Red Rocks also has pretty good lobster Benedict ... Always up for new places and new takes on delicious food.

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            When you get to 5Corners kitchen, make sure to ask (sometimes it misses getting put on the menu) the Kouign Amann (pronounced like "queen aMAHN") which is a really rich breton pastry, or take one home for later- your daily butter and sugar quotient :-}

          2. I'd vote for Alchemy or Lee's, both in Gloucester. I wasn't too thrilled with the hollandaise at Sugar Magnolia. The red flannel hash bennie or the crab bennie at Lee's are both classic.