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Sep 7, 2012 06:29 PM

Ham Hocks - where did they go?

Used to be I could go into just about any grocery store here in the GTA and be able to get a smoked ham hock - I believe made by Brandt's. Just the right thing for a pot of beans. A smoked turkey leg, also by Brandt's worked well too, and was easy to find. With the weather turning nasty tomorrow, I thought I'd make a pot of bean soup. A search of stores (Loblaws, Queen/Portland, Nofrills; Parliament/Spruce; Metro, Church/Gould, and Loblaws MLG) turned up nothing! I ended up with a small slab of toucinho from the NF's. Good, but not the same. The MLG Loblaws had smoked turkey thighs, but at $16 for a not very big piece, I said no thanks.

Any sightings, fellow CH'ers?

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  1. You may be able to find them at Sausage Partners in Leslieville and most likely at the Saturday St. Lawrence market.

    1. Fortino's (Lawrence & Allen) for sure, as I walked by the deli section fridge containing them the other evening.

      1. Why not just make a trip to Brandt, buy a few, and freeze 'em? They're fresher and cheaper at their factory store.

        These seem to be in Loblaws around the Westend

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        1. re: Kagemusha

          I may have to do that. Was trying not to have to schlep all the way to Mississauga tho. Was told that there was a recall about a year ago, and that's why they're not stocking them anymore (Loblaws). But they still have most of the Brandt's product list.

          1. re: gttahaveit

            Think that was 2 years back. See their products all over, including Loblaws. Cheer up, you can also visit Starsky on the way to or from Brandt.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              I see lots of Brandt products, just not the smoked hocks or turkey legs.

        2. Some Asian stores carry a supply of Brandt's, so T&T Cherry may have them.
          St.Lawrence Market has pork specialties, north and south sides.
          Some of the stores you are hitting are too small, but a large NF should carry Brandt's unless there has been a problem.

          1. I had trouble recently finding these @ supermarkets. Got some berkshire hocks at St. Lawrence Market and spotted one (frozen) smoked hock at Fresh From the Farm on Donlands - though you can order from them. Both were expensive.