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Ham Hocks - where did they go?

Used to be I could go into just about any grocery store here in the GTA and be able to get a smoked ham hock - I believe made by Brandt's. Just the right thing for a pot of beans. A smoked turkey leg, also by Brandt's worked well too, and was easy to find. With the weather turning nasty tomorrow, I thought I'd make a pot of bean soup. A search of stores (Loblaws, Queen/Portland, Nofrills; Parliament/Spruce; Metro, Church/Gould, and Loblaws MLG) turned up nothing! I ended up with a small slab of toucinho from the NF's. Good, but not the same. The MLG Loblaws had smoked turkey thighs, but at $16 for a not very big piece, I said no thanks.

Any sightings, fellow CH'ers?

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  1. You may be able to find them at Sausage Partners in Leslieville and most likely at the Saturday St. Lawrence market.

    1. Fortino's (Lawrence & Allen) for sure, as I walked by the deli section fridge containing them the other evening.

      1. Why not just make a trip to Brandt, buy a few, and freeze 'em? They're fresher and cheaper at their factory store.

        These seem to be in Loblaws around the Westend

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          I may have to do that. Was trying not to have to schlep all the way to Mississauga tho. Was told that there was a recall about a year ago, and that's why they're not stocking them anymore (Loblaws). But they still have most of the Brandt's product list.

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            Think that was 2 years back. See their products all over, including Loblaws. Cheer up, you can also visit Starsky on the way to or from Brandt.

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              I see lots of Brandt products, just not the smoked hocks or turkey legs.

        2. Some Asian stores carry a supply of Brandt's, so T&T Cherry may have them.
          St.Lawrence Market has pork specialties, north and south sides.
          Some of the stores you are hitting are too small, but a large NF should carry Brandt's unless there has been a problem.

          1. I had trouble recently finding these @ supermarkets. Got some berkshire hocks at St. Lawrence Market and spotted one (frozen) smoked hock at Fresh From the Farm on Donlands - though you can order from them. Both were expensive.

            1. COSTCO has them in 2 packs, no idea of the maker.

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              1. You should be able to find these at any Polish deli on Roncessvales. Peter is right, Kingsway Meats at Bloor and Windemere sell them as well. I buy a lot of our meats from Kingsway. The place is super clean and everything is always so fresh!

                1. You can certainly find them at SLM.

                  I usually get mine from Kingsway Meats. Bloor West, north side a few doors west of Windemere.


                  1. I made the mistake of going to Sausage Partners for ham hocks. They were fine but they charged me $22 for 2! I honestly couldn't taste a difference between them and plain ol' store-bought ones.

                    1. Timely discussion - i am making sweinshaxe this weekend...Now that I know where to source them, do I buy the smoked shank or the non-smoked ones?

                      1. I picked up (unsmoked) hocks at the No Frills at Black Creek and Eglinton last week. I imagine the Polish delis would carry them.

                        1. I was looking for them, too. Just saw them last week at No Frills (used to get them at European Meats but that closed down in Ken. Mkt.) and then used to buy them at T&T but they don't carry them anymore. Just called Brandts and they said Food Basics has them in Toronto. Fingers crossed. Don't want to have to drive to Mississauga for smoked turkey legs but will if I have to.....

                          1. I'm pretty sure Prague Deli has ham hocks; I think I saw them there a couple weeks ago.