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Sep 7, 2012 06:14 PM

First time in Seattle, near Convention Center

Will be in Seattle for first time, staying near Washington State Convention Center. Any ideas for something great or something unique?

Visiting from Boston but seafood and sushi still desirable. Great pastry / coffee suggestions also appreciated. Walking range ideal.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you are looking for someplace fast and you are attending sessions at the convention center your two best bets for a quick bit are probably the Crepe place right outside the center on Pike and Wild Rye - which is across the street on Pike.

    You can head 9 blocks West down Pike to get to Pike Place market and all it has to offer - from street stalls to fine dining. The Crumpet Shop is always fun. There is a weath of ideas for the market on the board with a little searching.

    You can also head a few blocks East from the Convention Center up Pike to the Melrose Market which has a number of good options including Taylor Shellfish (worth it even if you are from Boston), Terra Plata, Homegrown sandwhiches, and Sitka & Spruce.

    The entire area between Boren and Melrose and Pike and Pine has a number of other good options as well including Tango, Machiavelli's, and the Baguette Box.

    For coffee and pastry you could head a few blocks SE to Belle Epicurean: or a little further to Fonte

    That should get you started. There are a number of other good places downtown or you could take the Monorail from Westlake to the Seattle Center to check out the new Armory or Collections Cafe or take the SLUT (South Lake Union Trolly) from Westlake to check out the dining in South Lake Union including Brave Horse and Serious Pie or you could take the light rail down to the ID district.