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Sep 7, 2012 04:56 PM

Central American Festival: Honduran with a chance of Garifuna

The one time I checked out this annual event, in 2009, it had a heavily Honduran flair. Many sky blue and white flags, bandanas, and parasols were in evidence; I sighted the gold, white, and black Garifuna colors, too.

The 2012 festival takes place on Sunday, September 9, from 10:00 a.m., between Claremont Pkwy. and Crotona Ave. in Crotona Park, Bronx. A parade -- I didn't see the 2009 edition, but I don't think it can be very large -- begins at noon and proceeds from East Tremont Ave. at Southern Blvd. to the festival site.

Dave Cook

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  1. It's about time for there to be another Garifuna restaurant. I think the population is getting to a critical mass. I am an interpreter in immigration courts, and I've been having about one Honduran Garífuna a month lately whereas I only had one (from Panama) during my first twenty years of work there. I looked on your blog, and the judutu is served in exactly the same way the Ghanaians serve their soup with a mound of fufu or sometimes a ball of crushed rice in the middle, both eaten with your hand. I haven't seen Garifuna women in my work, only men, which might help explain a paucity of restaurants. Have you heard of any opening in the Bronx or elsewhere since the old one closed down? I never managed to get there before it closed.

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      I didn't manage to eat at either Garifuna Star or Garifuna Kitchen. I've caught up with the cuisine only at the occasional event, and, to my knowledge, there's no restaurant dedicated to Garifuna chow in the five boroughs.

      At Saturday's festival, most of the stalls were ostensibly Honduran, but at one -- Baliada Express, which, as it happened, was staffed entirely by women -- I secured darasa with my grilled chicken as well as peteta and pan de yuca for dessert. The owner mentioned that her (primarily catering) business will be profiled in a food magazine, whose name you will recognize, in the next month or so. We can hope that the exposure will stir up interest in the cuisine.

      Dave Cook