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Sep 7, 2012 04:14 PM

DooWee & Rice Opening Date Established!

DooWee & Rice Home Page

We've passed our health inspection with flying colors!

DooWee and Rice Soft opening
Saturday 9/8/2012! 2pm-9pm (or until we run out)
868 Broadway Somerville, Ma

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  1. Doing it.

    -Please note that the restaurant is not big at all and we have limited seating however there is a very nice park just around the corner with plenty of space to hang out at.
    -cash only, sorry bu tI havent received my credit terminal just yet

    ***only a few items available at the moment since I did just pass the inspection yesterday.
    -chicken and rice
    -steak and rice
    -fresh frites (double fried french fries)
    -and for the brave, crispy chicken hearts! >=)

    1. Is this the place where the KFC was?

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      1. re: jgg13

        No, it was East Asia at the Powderhouse rotary.
        868 Broadway Somerville.

      2. These are some delicious chicken hearts. Probably 25 people here and it's SRO for the moment. Looking forward to my steak and rice.

        Limited menu today:
        Chicken and rice
        Steak and rice
        Fries (twice fried)
        Chicken hearts

        Just got my steak. Well seasoned, pink, good char. I'm excited for this kid.

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        1. re: enhF94

          forgot to mention that the hearts are slightly breaded, then fried. They are not pencil-eraser chewy.

        2. To keep you updated on this breath of fresh air in the Boston Food Scene .....

          Starting Wed September 12th, DooWee & Rice will be opening with their regular 12pm-9pm hours
          with a partial menu again while introducing new items each day up until their grand opening.

          DooWee & Rice grand opening will be this upcoming Saturday September 15th!!! 2pm - 9pm.
          They will have almost the entire menu with just a couple items left off.

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          1. re: Walthamfoodman

            Are they open at all this Monday & Tuesday, do you know?

          2. UPDATE!! ....DOOWEE & RICE will be featured in the next issue of Improper Bostonian September 19th so keep an eye out for it! Looks like one (1) week to enjoy before the hungry herds make the way to Powderhouse Square. Sure hope Mom will have in her fingers in the Pho right from the beginning... can't wait!