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Sep 7, 2012 03:13 PM

Recipe needed for homemade croutons, also how to store, how long will they keep?

I have a abundance of commercial hot dog and hamburger buns. I know that's not the ideal bread for croutons, but I hate to throw them out. I was thinking croutons to be used for stuffing, but I have never made them, don't know how to store them or how long they will keep. Thanks!

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  1. These won't make for good croutons. Commercial rolls are too dense and doughy. You could try to toast them in a medium low oven -- make a herb/garlic infused oil and SPRAY them down, toss and then bake..... another great idea is make a bread pudding with them (in a crockpot?). I doubt they will keep well as croutons.

    You can feed the geese/ ducks at the park, too. No waste.

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      You could also freeze the bread as is and use it in stuffing or dressing.

    2. You can simply cut them into desired shape and allow to air dry.

      1. After they are completely dry they will keep indefinitely in cool, dark, dry place in a closed container.

        1. Whirl in a food processor and freeze for future use, they will come in handy before you even know it! ;)