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Sep 7, 2012 02:58 PM

Birthday brunch for teenage girls

My daughter's birthday falls on a Sunday this year and she thought that it would be fun to take her friends for brunch to celebrate. I haven"t "brunched" in a long time, so I am looking for some good suggestions that will appeal to this age group. Not a splurge place, but something fun. There will be about 10 of us and I was hoping to get away spending around 250 ish. Obviously they don't need mimosas, but mom and dad may! Thanks!

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  1. Le Select was my favourite as a teen, plus it is usually busy enough that some noise won't bother anyone. It's fancy enough that they could dress up a little if they want but should stay within your budget.

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      definitely le select

      great food, busy and fancy enough that the girls would feel grown up and the adults wouldn't feel like they're giving up a good meal (with ceasars or mimosas) for the sake of a teenager friendly venue.

      i'm also a fan of Mildred's Temple Kitchen but they don't do reservation so that may be a challenge.

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