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Wegman's Green Chile Roast - Fairfax

MarietteB Sep 7, 2012 02:40 PM

We got some chile to roast ourselves - but they were roasting outside as well. Said they would do this through the weekend.

Being from NM - smells like autumn to me.

I thank them for doing this!

  1. MsDiPesto Sep 8, 2012 11:28 AM

    Thanks for the notice, I've been waiting for them to appear locally!!!

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    1. re: MsDiPesto
      MsDiPesto Sep 9, 2012 03:54 PM

      Well, forget that. I went out to Wegman's Fairfax today, and was told, "oh, we did that already, they're all gone". Phooey.

      1. re: MsDiPesto
        tommyskitchen Sep 9, 2012 06:07 PM

        Sorry, I got 2 cases from the Potomac store and they are all packed in the freezer (except for the ones that made Rellenos for Sunday Dinner...

        1. re: MsDiPesto
          MikeR Sep 10, 2012 04:27 AM

          I saw a big bin of hatch chiles at Harris Teeter last week, but you'll have to roast them yourself. Are Wegman's better?

          1. re: MikeR
            tommyskitchen Sep 10, 2012 08:33 AM

            Wegmans will roast them for you - You could roast them yourself, but if doing more than a few you'll really want a drum roaster like they have. I made the mistake once of buying a case of fresh peppers and using my BBQ to roast them - It took hours, and the final product wasn't as good because of the lack of Constant turning. I'll never buy un-roasted again!

      2. b
        BrickT Sep 7, 2012 05:28 PM

        The Fresh Market in Annapolis is having their "Hatch Chili Festival" tomorrow as well.

        1. tommyskitchen Sep 7, 2012 03:29 PM

          Hmmm, I thought they were at Lorton this weekend...

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          1. re: tommyskitchen
            sr44 Sep 7, 2012 05:31 PM

            Wegmans is everywhere.

            1. re: tommyskitchen
              tommyskitchen Sep 7, 2012 08:36 PM

              Yup, they will be at the Potomac store tomorrow too....

              1. re: tommyskitchen
                piafoodie Sep 9, 2012 05:05 AM

                Potomac?? There is a Wegman's in Potomac? Please - reveal the secret location!!!! I'd LOVE to have one in MoCo!!!

                1. re: piafoodie
                  TheMatt Sep 9, 2012 06:06 AM

                  I'm thinking that might be Potomac as in Potomac Mills in Woodbridge. (They call this location "Wegmans Potomac".) The closest to Potomac, MD is probably Fairfax or Sterling...

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