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Sep 7, 2012 01:37 PM

Col Heights/Petworth food: Chez Billy, Georgia Ave, anyone been?

This place looks really cool inside and has a good looking menu, I wanted to take visiting parents who know good food out in the area so I wanted to check to see if anyone had any reports about the food and overall experience there.

If not, any recs for a low key, not crazy expensive but nice (not hole in the wall) place where foodies can enjoy a meal in the general area, a few miles away is okay but looking for a place where we could get in tonight with minimal wait if possible.


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  1. Bumping this post...this place still looks great from the outside but I haven't heard a word or tried it myself. Anyone been?

    P.S. we went to Bar Pilar down 14th, ordered a bunch of small plates which were really all great. Minimal, but still a short wait.

    1. Yes, I went once. Completely mediocre food, awful service, and pretty expensive for what you got.