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Sep 7, 2012 01:14 PM

vegetarian on the smoker

planning a bbq with some friends. One is a vegetarian. I plan on doing a brisket for the rest of the gang, but need to accommodate for her and I would like to do it on the smoker too.

I have one recipe for a portobella mushroom and onion on the smoker, then top with cheese. Sound promising, but I am wondering if anyone has tried anything with Tofu?

I am thinking if I could layer portobella, tofu, cheese, onion, eggplant (or zucchini), might be pretty cool.

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  1. If you end up putting the vegetarian on the smoker, let me know how she tastes. They might be useful after all.

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    1. I went vegan last summer but still wanted to use my smoker/bbq. Most alternate attempts with the smoker were a bust, with one exception: smoked mashed potatoes. Peel, quarter and boil potatoes and then throw them on the smoker on low-temp to infuse some smoke. Gummy, but tasty.

      That said, my conclusion was that some products just don't go with some "appliances". You can use meat or fish in a blender, but it's probably not the best thing to use. Same with smokers and vegetables/vegetarian products.

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        Only thing I can think of is marinated and smoked tofu, probably tempeh, too. I love the stuff, and I'm a meatarian.

      2. I've smoked macaroni and cheese, stuffed peppers, and parboiled potatoes for potato salad. My next experiment is going to be smoked corn on the cob.

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          what did you stuff the peppers with??

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            Corn works very well and a standard side for BBQ, baked beans, comes out very good if cooked in the smoker

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              I smoke corn on the con at least twice a week this time of the year. So addictive, with a coffee-chipotle aioli

            2. Smoked tofu is common in Chinese and Thai cuisine. There are lots of recipes on the web and even an Instructable ( Even if you do not have a Bradley Smoker, their forum is great: I got quite a few hits when I searched for smoked tofu. They have other smoked veggie info, too. I have smoked onions and tomatoes in my Bradley. Zucchini is easy to smoke: cut in half, brush with olive oil, add salt and pepper, smoke till done. Most squashes seem to be good to smoke

              All the recipes seem to suggest marinading. My wife doesn't like tofu so I have been reluctant to try it. After reading the marinades, I will probably do so!

              The _Smoke and Spice_ cookbook has some other veggie recipes, too.

              1. I tried smoked veggies (a mix of squash, onion and peppers).Gack. It was awful. So smokey. I didn't even taste veggies.

                I know this isn't a meal but I've had shavings of smoked fresh coconut and it tasted like and was similar texture to bacon. We used it for tomato sandwiches.

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                  I found smoking veggies to be like smoking cheese -- just a little smoke, way less than you think you'd need.