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Sep 7, 2012 01:11 PM

"Grand Opening" Launches Second Branch In Rowland Heights

As I will explain shortly, this is not as silly of a heading as it may seem. There is a restaurant in Monterey Park, whose name based on all visible English language evidence, is Grand Opening. You may be aware of the enterprise at 305 W. Garvey Ave. that sells big bags of frozen Fuzhou fish balls and serves, besides fish ball soup, varieties of dumplings and noodles. At one time the exterior signage said Sweet Blanket, the menu said H & M Dumpling, and the bags of frozen fish balls carried the name Fu Kang Deli. Then the place burned down and took the longest time to reopen. When they reopened, they covered the Sweet Blanket exterior signage with a giant Grand Opening banner. And that banner has been there ever since, probably for well over a year. So when I saw that they opened a second branch in Rowland Heights, I dashed over just to see what they were going to call the place. It's FUZHOU C.C. MANUAL FISH BALL. Same frozen fish balls and similar menu. Fuzhou C.C. Manual Fish Ball is in the food court at 18457 Colima Road, space #G. And this second location is just additional evidence that the locus of Chinese food in the SGV is marching eastward.

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