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Sep 7, 2012 11:53 AM

Wine Flights

Where are some good spots to get flights? i know about 55 degree and city sip USED to do flights but the last few times I went they'd stopped doing them. Any spots you recommend?

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  1. 3TwentySouth Wine Lounge on La Brea and 3rd is a terrific place. Small plates and lots of wine choices. Owner Edgar will guide you to whatever combinations you might be interested in. Also...Upstairs 2 at the Wine House. I went back recently for dinner, and had a really nice experience. I live nearby, and really need to put it into my regular location.

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      We went to 3Twenty once. Had a reservation and everything. Sat down. We left 10 minutes later after no one came over to us. I'll look up Wine House. Thanks!