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Sep 7, 2012 11:49 AM

What happened to Chicken Out?

It looks like this once-thriving local chain has shriveled to possibly only one location, and the menu looks totally different too. I used to go to their Reston and Falls Church locations a lot. The food was tasty. Where did they go wrong?

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  1. There is one in Old Town that does good business and the food is still good. I read a few months back that the company was reorganizing.

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      The one in Old Town closed about 2 years ago, if you are referring to the one that is/was across from Balducci's, on South Washington. Now it is a DC Taco (or District Taco? Forget the exact name), but it remained empty for almost a year.

    2. I really liked Chicken Out. I missed the one in Ballston. It was our go to one of us is sick or just exhausted stops as you could get fresh and healthy options and they did good carry out. I stop by the one in Old Town on my way home now and then. They have very good chicken salad, and their family meal normally feeds me and my Hubby for a couple meals.

      1. There is still one in Columbia, as far as I know. We were there not long ago and the food was still good.

        1. Like the former Boston Chicken (now Boston Market) they over-extended with the variety. I liked Chicken Out when they first opened, but after a couple of years and price increases, it didn't seem like such a good deal any more.

          It's difficult for a restaurant, particularly one that serves "American" food (you know what I mean) to survive with a limited menu. Hearing too much of "all they have there is ...." gets them to thinking too hard. Even Five Guys has hot dogs. ;)

          1. I loved Chicken Out; I used to go there for lunch 2 to 3 days/week years ago. The chicken was tasty (better than Boston Market) and the sides were really fresh. I'm glad to read they're reorganizing. I hope their new plans bring an outlet to DC, on or near Capitol Hill.