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Sep 7, 2012 11:38 AM

Looking for Really Good Vegetarian Place for a Birthday Dinner

Hey Chowhounds,

I need help. My new gf's birthday is on 9/14. While we normally eat meat, we have decided to go vegetarian for a month to help combat some health issues. Keeping that in mind, what is the best place for really good vegetarian food in Chgo? The place would also have to be appropriate for a sit down birthday dinner. Help please!

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  1. Green Zebra is exactly what you're looking for. It's almost entirely vegetarian*, and it's also a very nice, upscale place.

    You'll find additional recommendations in this recent topic:

    Looking for downtown Chicago restaurant to celebrate 50th birthday-vegetarian friendly -

    *Occasionally they have a single dish with meat on the menu; the rest of the time there are none.

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      I'll second that. Green Zebra is consistently excellent, and often overlooked (except when discussing vegetarian restaurants) because it's been around for quite a while. I'm a an avowed meat-eater, and have very much enjoyed every meal I've had there.