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Sep 7, 2012 11:19 AM

Empanadas filled with pork and tomato

Hello, Pirate Ice here.

I dated this guy who was a real jerk. He called himself a "spaniard" when he was really a Long Island half jewish second generation Puerto Rican. He's big on the (tiny) DC Metro scene now as a club kid calling himself Master Skywolf and leading young ladies around on leashes. We did not part on good terms.

However, he did make some really good empanadas with a crisp golden crust that dripped with ruby red pork fat. I thought, "Yea, I live in the era of the Internet. I will find this recipe, no problem."

Unfortunately when I search for empanadas online I keep finding chicken empanadas, veggie empanadas, and monstrocities of cinnamon sugar filled with fruit. Nothing has a similar pastry crust. I try to remember how he made them but it's all a blur due to the trauma of dating the twerp. Please, Chowhounds, help me find closure by helping me to locate this recipe!

Pirate Ice.

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  1. Now that you got your jollies off about my people, I'll suggest that you find a copy of Elena's Famous Mexican and Spanish Recipes by Elena Zelayeta published by Prentice Hall Inc. in 1944. It has recipes for empanadas. Maybe you could make pulled pork and create a thin BBQ sauce in which to bathe the pork after it is shredded. Then you can proceed making the empanadas using the seasoned pork.

    BTW, Jewish is always capitalized. Mazel tov!

    1. My google search for pork and tomato empanadas produced approximately 600,000 hits.

      Apart from the superfluous details in your posting, what is your main concern--the crust? Or finding a general recipe? It seems that it would be the former, but details pertinent to the recipe might help.

      1. I don't understand why you can only find chicken, veggie and sugary fruit filled monstrocities (sic) using the Internet.
        Here's the result of my Google search:

        1. @ChiliDude, I think you need to 'chill'. The OP's ex is some pathetic poser who misrepresented himself. Now back to the recipe.....

          @PirateICE, welcome to Chowhound!
          I'll bet the red pork fat is due to being cooked with achiote oil. See Daisy Martinez' book 'Daisy Cooks' for the red empanada dough and empanada recipes and much more! Daisy is genuine boriqua.

          Search flash - found the dough recipe on her web site:
          The recipe in the book includes yucca which may be more authentic but may be hard for you to find: http://latinfood.about.com/od/appetiz...
          BTW the achiote oil recipe is also on her web site - link from recipes main page.

          The shredded pork could be made with any basic braised pork recipe; Daisy's book includes one with guajillo chiles and tomato - very red indeed.