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Sep 7, 2012 09:49 AM

Dinner for ~10, Dupont/Logan/U St

I just moved to DC about a month ago and have 9 friends coming to visit in a few weekends. I'm looking to make plans in advance for a saturday dinner with such a cumbersome number. We're all mid-20's, no picky eaters. Only criteria is moderately prices (>30 per main or small plates fine), and able to seat 10 on a Saturday night. I assume this means I'm limited to places that take reservations, which I haven't found many in my nights out so far. I live in Georgetown but looking for somewhere in dupont, logan or U street. Good beer would be a plus! Someone told me to look into Thai Crossing. I've been to Little Serow, Pearl Dive, Estadio, Birch & Barley, something in this vein that took a large group reservation would be perfect. Good beer a plus! Let me know if you can help!

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  1. How about Ethiopic? For a group of 10 you can order a couple of samplers and apps to share family style. There are also a selection of Ethiopian beers.

      1. Bens Next Door and Eatonville both take reservations (both in the U Street area). The food at both places has been great in all of my experiences. The coconut cake at Eatonville is AMAZING. Both have decent beer selections, nothing spectacular but enough to satisfy the majority of tastes.

        1. Dino has two large tables that they book for 10 on Saturday nights and fits you other criteria except it is in Cleveland Park. Ardeo Bardeo does too but I just think the food is better at Dino.

          1. Although not in area you wanted, how about Brasserie Beck

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              I second Brasserie Beck. Great Belgian beer selection and the best mussels in town. An entree sized serving of mussels with great bread for sopping up the sauce and a large serving of frites with 3 dipping sauces costs about $26 and can feed two. I haven't been with a large group, but I feel certain they could accommodate.

              Re: Dino .... This is a wonderful place with the best wine selection in town, but I don't recall seeing much in the way of beer on the menu.

              1. re: woodleyparkhound

                Dino has about 12 or 14 beers in bottle... some Italian, mostly local and small breweries like Great Lakes and Bell's. They have Allagash Curieux for under $30 which is a great price for an unusual beer.

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                    But I do admit, that there cocktail program is more of a star than the beer... I had a blackberry cocktail with a name a little too off color to print here that was maybe the best thing I have had cocktail wise all year! I wauld say see the cocktail list on line, but this drink isn't on line yet.

                    But the Reale from Italy is maybe the best ale I have had in a long long while.

                    1. re: wineo1957

                      Is it just a coincidence that almost every single one of your 50+ posts to this board have recommended Dino, regardless of the OP's request?