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Sep 7, 2012 09:15 AM

Five days in Edmonton!!!

Hello all. I'll be taking my first trip to Edmonton over the Thanksgiving weekend. Coming from near Toronto. Excited to try some new foods and after searching the threads, very excited about Foodtrucks, which are not allowed in Toronto. Also, Three Boars looks interesting. I will probably only have a few meals out. Anything Edmonton does well or unique?? I love all foods from all types of places. TIA.

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  1. Hey all. I seriously need some help here as the friend I'm staying with is a picky eater. If I don't find food, it will be hot dogs and fried bologna for five days so to I'm staying just south of West Edmonton Mall. Are there any gourmet food trucks around as i thought i read??? What's your favourite spot to eat and why??
    Thanks again. And so excited for my first trip west!!! 25 sleeps

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      Three Boars is great and I definitely recommend it, but there are a dozen "Three Boars" in Toronto and I don't think you will really find anything unique there that you couldn't find at Black Hoof or its many progenies. While there are some decent restaurants you can visit, for the most part, the Toronto restaurants you are used to will be better (and better value) than what is here. I would say that one thing a bit unique to Edmonton is the Ukrainian influence, so might recommend Highlands Kitchen, which does food quite well with a Ukrainian twist to some dishes, although it is on the other side of town from where you will be staying. Out towards West Ed, you will find a lot of chain dining, upscale casual etc (think Earls, Joey, Cactus Club, etc) so you might have to venture a bit out of the area where you will be staying.

    2. I'm not sure how late in the year the food trucks stay out, Thanksgiving may be pushing it. The link below lists all the trucks in the city and links to their Twitter or websites. Best to check what their dates/times/locations are.

      I haven't tried them all but Drift and Nomad are a couple of my favourites.

      Three Boars is definitely a good choice. A few of my other favourites are The Marc (French Bistro at a very reasonable price point), Duchess (fantastic pastries), and Corso 32 (great Italian)

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        October 6 is the last day the downtown farmers market will be outdoors. There are usually a couple of food trucks that show up every Saturday.

        St. Albert's Farmers' Market also has a bunch of food trucks every Saturday and their last outdoor day is also Oct 6. It wouldn't be too much of a drive from the West end.

        The majority of food trucks will be around the downtown area during weekday lunch time, but that will depend on how cold it gets.

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          Let me second Duchess. Truly amazing pastries and cakes. It's more a place where you can grab a slice of desert rather than a place to dine out, so I recommend dropping by even if you've take up your allotted dining-out time. Hope you enjoy!

        2. My favourite restaurants include the Red Ox Inn (their menu changes but is fantastically prepared), corso32 (limited menu but it changes and is delicious) and Wildflower Grill (I love their venison). The food at The Marc is very good but we had such a poor experience with service last time we were there and regretably did not approach the manager about it. Our server was one of the worst I have encountered anywhere (and we travel all over Europe).

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            That's unfortunate; I've had fantastic service each of the four times I've been to The Marc this year. Maybe just one bad apple in the wait staff. Agree with Red Ox and Wildflower, both are fantastic.

            1. re: RobS174

              I know! I really, really want to go back but the server we had was just so horrid! It seemed as though the others were friendly but ours? Not a chance. It was actually one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. And I have eaten in many countries around the world. If I were guaranteed not to have that server I would like to try again as the food was enjoyable.

          2. As others have mentioned, realistically, you won't find anything in Edmonton that you don't have in the GTA. Here is a list of a few places to check out (no particular order):

            Red Ox Inn
            Sabor Divino (Portuguese influence, good seafood and fish)
            Three Boards (can get very very busy though as the premises are tiny)
            corso32 (very popular, need advance reservations, great rustic Italian)
            Tres Carnales (authentic Mexican tacos, casual setting)
            da Capo (wood oven thin crust Pizza) or Famoso (thin crust Pizza that has grown into a small local chain, I find their quality has suffered as they've expanded)
            Wildflower Grill (expensive but worth it)

            There is not a lot of selection other than major chains out by the mall. For independent restaurants and food trucks you'll need to head more into the centre of the city.

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            1. re: egon61

              Also the following three are some of my top places I like:
              Jacks Grill
              Madison's Grill
              Blue Pear

            2. I no longer reside in Edmonton, but when I visit, a must for me, is to dine at Padmanadi. I was there earlier this week. Located on the edge of Chinatown, it is unique- Indonesian vegetarian. My favourite by far is their "Mutton" curry, their lo han noodles and their seven mushroom delight.

              I also visited a long forgotten haunt- Baltyk Bakery, located in the strip mall across from the Royal Alex downtown. I bought thier honey ginger chocolate cake and I had forgotten how amazing it is. It has the perfect amount of spice (nutmeg), and the chopped ginger filling is amazing. I wish I had bought a larger piece of cake as I am now slicing very thin slivers of my block to make it last.

              If you are keen on trying Ukrainian foods, try Uncle Ed's. Located east of the Coliseum so a long ways away from your located by West Ed. Their food is unpretentious and homey.

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              1. re: camelicious

                Wow!!! Thank you all so much for the great tips. Drooling from a lot of the recs. provided. As some have mentioned that this is all available in the GTA, I'm always excited about new places, even if I've tried that type of food before. I will definitely report back details of my trip. Less than two weeks and all this fabulous food talk is taking the fact that I'm super scared of planes off my mind. :) thanks again.

                1. re: fryerlover

                  Lots of good recommendations above. I'll list a few cheaper options as I'm not sure what kind of food you are looking for. Clearly, Toronto has way more food and better options but there's a few decent places worth checking out while your here.

                  - Piccalino's (Italian)
                  - Tasty Tomato (Italian, both are in west end and close to one another)
                  - Dadeo's (po boy's specials on Monday, on Whyte ave)
                  - Shanghai 456 (xia long bao - soup dumplings, near Kingsway/city centre airport)
                  - Sugarbowl (off of Whyte, supposed to be good for brunch but I've never been)
                  - Bul Go Gi or Bi-Bim-Bap (Korean, first one is Bonnie Doon area and latter is South side)
                  - Ichiban (decent sushi, West endish)

                  1. re: jonny8

                    Thank you. Will be keeping all of this in mind and trying as much as I can, however won't be having more than two meals out.
                    Also, keeping the following in mind as seen on "You Gotta Eat Here": Urban Dinner, Tres Carnales, Highlands Kitchen and Sugarbowl as mentioned above.
                    With all these wonderful varied options, I may just have to miss the plane ride home.