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Sep 7, 2012 07:14 AM

Good Restaurant in Teaneck

I will be in teaneck next week and there seems to be so many choices. I'm sure if you live in teaneck you have some sense of what each place does well if anything. Can someone give me some direction? I am only interested in the casual spots, not fine dining. I enjoy all cuisines, more looking for something done well.

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  1. I cannot speak for the quality of the meat restaurants in Teaneck as I am vegetarian but unfortunately the dairy choices are, by and large, poor. The only restaurant i actually enjoy going to in Teaneck is Rabica.

    1. I don't get to Teaneck much, but when I do I go to Smokey Joe's because it is the only kosher bbq place. Food is usually pretty good (love the brisket and the cornbread), though there are times I have been there (such as Sun lunch) when the food is mediocre. I went to Chaiko Tapas with my wife for our anniversary and was pleasantly surprised - very tasty food.

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        I second Smokey Joe's - we were in NJ for a wedding and the family went there and it was delicious - especially the brisket and ribs -

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          I also enjoy Smokey Joes as does my family. We also enjoy Shelley's as well as Rabica. Mocha Bleu has good food , although the service and concern for the customer are lacking.

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            I discovered today that Rabica has been bought by the same owner as the Persian Grill! I hope nothing changes food or quality-wise.

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              Third vote for smokey joe's. While the food at Mocha Bleu was nothing special, it wasn't bad and the atmosphere is better than a lot of the other places. The atmosphere at Shelly's is not so nice but the food was pretty good. Gotham burger is good but not awesome. Wherever you go, I recommend skipping dessert and stopping at Butterflake bakery instead afterwards.