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Sep 7, 2012 06:42 AM

Chocolate Cherry Cake

Years ago my mother used to make a quick chocolate cherry cake. She used a box mix and a can of cherry pie filling and maybe eggs. That is all. I lost the recipe and cannot find this very simple version anywhere. Anyone have it? Thanks.

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  1. Sounds like Black Forest Dump Cake. I made this when I was a kid.

    1. THis is the one I've done since I was a teenager. I called it chocolate covered cherry cake. It comes out surprisingly delicious and moist. But if you want the cherries to stay together, stir with a spatula instead of a mixer.

      1. It sounds like a dump cake but I would rather make a boxed chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Make a dam on top with extra frosting and pour a can of cherry pie filling into the reservoir.

        It would still be simple although it won't live up to Chowhound standards.

        1. from Phoebe B in 2007.
          It's very good:
          The two best doctored-mix cakes I've ever tasted are the aforementioned Strawberry Cake (Lots of slightly different recipes for it out there, so be sure you use 2/3 C. oil--not the 1/2 or 3/4 C. that some call for.), and this braindead-simple one from the Cake Mix Doctor. (I think she calls it the Chocolate-covered Cherry Cake.)

          1 box Devil's Food cake mix (NOT w/"Pudding in the mix"!)
          1 22 oz. can cherry pie filling
          3 lg. eggs (She says 2, but I have better luck w/3)

          Dump this in a bowl in no particular order, beat w/mixer 1 min. on low (scrape down sides of bowl well), 2 min. on med. (I have a powerful Braun hand mixer, so I use Med. If you have a wimpy mixer you might want to make that 2 min. on High.)

          Add 1/2 tsp. pure almond extract, blend well. (She says 1 tsp., but I find that too much.)

          I bake it in a buttered Bundt pan and frost it with Dutch Chocolate buttercream frosting (which I make with 6 Tbs. butter/4+ C. conf. sugar/Dutch Process Cocoa to taste/pinch of salt/vanilla and BOILING WATER-- which makes it tastes like cooked fudge) to which I add a full C. of toasted broken pecans or walnuts.

          This makes enough frosting for a 9X13 sheet pan if you wish to cook it that way (easier to serve to a crowd and the icing is evenly distributed), but I pile it on/around/in the middle of the Bundt cake and it is a beautiful sight to behold. When I serve it I put a spoonful of the pooled frosting/nuts on each slice

          (Start frosting while the cake is warm so it will run down the sides and pool nicely. As it cools you can pile the rest on top and it will stay there..)

          This is a moist, dense, utterly sensational cake, and it is truly, truly better the 2nd or 3rd day after it's made. So make it at least a day ahead.

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          By PhoebeB on Apr 24, 2007 10:02 PM

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