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Sep 7, 2012 06:20 AM

Low-key place to watch a game in/near Alexandria?

I'm from Boston and a Patriots fan, but will be in Alexandria over the weekend with a couple of friends, and wanted to find a place where we could have lunch and watch the game without having to huddle around a high-top eating soggy buffalo wings while getting jostled by a crowd (i.e., I'm not a big fan of most "sports bars"). Any recommendations for a not-too-crowded place with decent food and prominent TVs where a handful of out-of-town fans would feel welcome? We'll have a car, and will have just picked up one of our group from Union Station, so a place along the way with easy parking would be an option as well, but am reluctant to commit to anywhere requiring competitive street parking.

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  1. were it me, i'd opt for union station itself. the bar there has tv and its one of the most beautiful buildings in dc.

    1. Its the 1st weekend of football season so most sport bars are going to be packed with jersey wearing fans Washington DC is a huge football town. I would try Penn Quarter Sports Tavern they have good food and plenty of sitting on the patio within in view of TV'

      1. I would call Virtue Feed and Grain and see if they will have that game on, I am sure they probably will. Lots of TVs, but a real restaurant with good food and drinks. Low key and nice.