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Sep 7, 2012 06:18 AM

STL Metro East (Belleville/OFallon/Shiloh/Swansea, IL area)

This should probably be posted to the Great Lakes board but this board seems more likely to get hits. New to the area and looking for anything good in the area. Looking for anything good...low class, high class...I am up for anything. Just like trying new places.

So far, the places I have been that I have liked are Amira's, Big Mama's BBQ (snoots!), and Sala Thai.

In STL, I have tried Randals BBQ, Pi, Fatted Calf, Iron Barley, Ari's, and Dressels.

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  1. There is alot of stuff in Edwardsville worth trying.

    Peel and Cleveland-Heath to name two.

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      Yeah, I think you are on the right board...all of those locations are probably closer to St. Louis than to the upper Midwest. Edwardsville's main street is a pleasant walk-around, and Cleveland-Heath is very much worth a try. I'll admit that like most St. Louisians, I tend to forget about the East Side, but a recent trip to Edwardsville surprised me. Pretty town, nice downtown, lots of good places to eat on Main Street.

    2. I'm a little late to the party, but if you're still watching this thread I have a few recommendations. Edwardsville: I'll join in the recommendations for Cleveland-Heath. You can go all-out or you can fill up on an appetizer, depending on your budget. There are two coffee shops on Main St. - 222 Artisan Bakery and Sacred Grounds - which are both excellent. They have different atmospheres & styles. You can get a good sandwich or burger & fries at the Stagger Inn around the corner on Vandalia & the cooks have been coming up with some interesting offerings on the specials board lately. They post a photo of the specials board on facebook around 11-ish on the days the kitchen is open.

      1. Are you near Waterloo at all?