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Sep 7, 2012 05:47 AM

Midtown cocktail bars?

Hi, I'm visiting NY for the first time with my wife next week. We have a lengthy list of cocktail bars to hit, but none of them are in midtown where we're staying (54th and Broadway). I found some ideas from old threads, but several of the places have closed since those topics were posted.

Any suggestions? I am really into the classic cocktail revival and we also love tiki drinks.


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  1. Lantern's Keep is nearby and definately worth a visit for classics and twists on classics.

    1. Rum House, in the Edison Hotel (47th bwtn Broadway & 8th)

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        Rum House looks great, thanks!

      2. Lantern's Keep in the Iroquois Hotel
        The bar at Monkey Bar
        Lamb's Club
        The Bar Downstairs at the Andaz Hotel
        Rum House

        There is also 44 at the Royalton and Campbell Apartment but I'm not a huge fan of either.

        Lantern's Keep is the best of the ones I have tried, it's the midtown version of Milk & Honey. Don't be afraid to go off menu and let them customize a drink to your references.

        No high quality tiki bars in Midtown.

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        1. Ditto on lanterns keep. Tell the what you like and dislike and let them get creative. My wife and I had a great time. The mussels are great also.

          1. If you want an interesting new place, the bar at Noir is great. It is on 50th Street between Lex & 3rd