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Jan 9, 2005 06:14 PM

Soul Food in Fresno

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Are there any Southern-style, or soul food, restaurants in Fresno or surroundings? I'm looking for fried chicken, collard greens, maybe some catfish, that kind of stuff. Any suggestions?

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  1. I can't think of a place like that at all in this area. The Lime Lite (rated #1 on Tripadvisor for Fresno) has catfish on their menu.

    It's located at Palm & Shaw, I haven't been there yet. I'll have to try it sometime. We used to grow collard greens in our garden, love em'! ***kim***

    1. I can think of a couple I have heard of but have not tried myself.

      Savannah's used to be located in the terminal building at the Downtown/Kearney airport but I heard it wasn't there anymore. Then I saw in the news that it will be opening in the Virginia Hotel building near the convention center and county courthouse. Not sure when it will open there.

      Tamkio's Soul Food is near Cedar and Clinton. I've heard good things from people who have eaten there.

      1. Your post reminded me that I wanted to revisit Miss Ashley's on Van Ness Ave. downtown. I'd had lunch there several months ago after reading an article in the Fresno Bee. Noticed people inside, found a parking place close by, fed the meter and strolled up to.... a new tacqueria. RIP Miss Ashley.

        I Googled Fresno Soul Food earlier today and managed to drive by one of the three hits on the way into the office and another after the Miss A disappointment. Both appeared to be MIA. Called the phone numbers (Granma's Soul Kitchen on N. Hughes Ave and Mr. Ed's BBQ on Merced St. downtown) both rang with no answer and no out of service message. Decided to call Tomiko's that RG referred to, answered by a young girl, definitely not a restaurant. Checked the current phone book and all three are no longer listed.

        On an up note I got wind of Savannah a little over a year ago when she was at the Chandler airfield and stopped in for lunch, had the catfish dusted in cornmeal IIRC, very tasty. I'll definitely look forward to checking out her new venture. According to the article in the Bee she's opening up on one side of a new book store (Centaur) that just went in on the ground floor of the old hotel, and an Italian place called the Olive Press is going in on the other side.

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          Thanks for the update on Tomiko's. I'll have to ask my friend about it.

          A pilot friend said Savannah's was good when at the airport. Should be interesting to try when it reopens.

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            Hey, PolarBear, Just wanted to comment on the restaurant Miss Ashley's. They had like the best food ever. I used to frequent that spot. I loved that they offered real soul food. I used to have breakfast there. Grits, and country potatoes. I also used to enjoy their scrambles. Had you ever eaten their pork rib scramble? It was delicious. anyway if you ever get information on another great soul food place in Fresno, please let me know. I'm getting hungry just remembering how good the food was there.

          2. There's Sam's BBQ on Shaw and Marks. I haven't been there in a long time (since I no longer live in Fresno). I remember that they have a really yummy gumbo.

            1. Just to update this old thread, Joan Obra features a number of new spots in todays Food Section:


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                I've posted a review of the ribs and the newly reopened Savannah's Brazilian Soul at: