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Sep 7, 2012 01:43 AM

Italian version of Mon Ami Gabi?

I do an annual trip with a group of about 10 and we have come to enjoy the food, atmosphere, view and value of Mon Ami Gabi. Do you guys and gals know of an Italian equivalent? Also, our dress is fairly casual and we dine anywhere from 9 to 11p.

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  1. Easy. Maggiano's Little Italy. They are both Lettuce Entertain You restaurants. No View but everything else fits. Possibly Circo over in Bellagio although that will fall into the more expensive category.

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    1. re: LVI

      Lettuce Entertain You is a consultant to Maggiano's. Maggiano's is owned and operated by Brinker International per the Lettuce Entertain You website.

      1. re: Eric

        I'm sure it is. Lived in Chicago for 15 years and to me they will always be LEY (like when you bring up the website) restaurants. Only thing I was trying to convey is that that are both Lettuce Entertain You restaurants so the theme should be similar. MAG is French, Maggiano's Little Italy (the real name) is Italian. And both are decent restaurants. MAG has the view which gives it a foot up. Quality-wise, the same.

      2. re: LVI

        Maggiano's has seriously gone down hill over the last couple years though.

      3. i know it's a chain and off of the strip, but any thoughts on ferraro's?

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        1. re: alpine chef

          A chain in that it is a local chain? I had my bachlor party dinner there eons ago (Steve and Eydie were there sitting at the bar) and have been back a couple of times. It is very good. Is it memorable? No. Does it push the envelope? No. But it is very good food, some things being excellent. There are also coupons that make it very worth traveling for.

          1. re: LVI

            excuse me. a friend had told me that there were more of them spread throughout southern california.

            edit: thank you for the info. now starting to look at fiamma at mgm. some of these happy hours and late menus seriously reduce the costs= more $$ for food or wine elsewhere!

            1. re: alpine chef

              No worries. I know they opened another one in years past but I thought it had closed. FWIW, I would choose Ferraro's over Fiamma.

              1. re: LVI

                Excellent. I am liking the different size pours they offer

        2. Are you willing to go off-strip?

          Nora's Cuisine is another idea, especially if your group is wine-oriented.

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          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Dave, I was looking at Parma yesterday for a possibility for our trip next weekend. I have made a reservation at Scarpetta (I have been but the others in my group have not). Is Parma on par w/Scarpetta?

            1. re: LVI

              Sorry, I just saw your reply. I haven't been to Parma, myself, but have some friends who live in the Summerlin area who rarely go to the Strip and consider Parma a great alternative for Italian.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                It is also worth noting that on Wednesday nights, the Pizza Oven is in play at Parma. They can rival Settebello and Due Forni, and because it is only one night per week, the quality control is extremely high.