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Sep 6, 2012 11:19 PM

Need info for Urasawa seasonal dishes

Hello all.

Trying to find out if there are any specific seasonal items that must be tried at Urasawa.

An example would be Kegani and maybe Hotaru Ika.

General idea of the season would be awesome, I'm guessing Hiro san makes at least 4 different menus depending on the season.

I've been there a few times but have always missed Kegani. . .

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  1. I've not had the honor of dining at Urasawa, but I hope what I've learned from other high-end sushi restaurants will help to anticipate what _might_ be in season there...

    According to the Hokkaido tourism site (, depending on which side of the island they're from, kegani can be available from winter to spring and beyond. Based on the fact that it's traditionally considered in season during the winter, I'm assuming that most of the kegani "industry" is based on the Pacific Ocean side, but even as early as June I was told by Shunji Nakao of Shunji Japanese Cuisine that he could order kegani with a few days notice.

    (Hanasaki crab appears to be in season. Saw it at Shunji a few weeks ago and on Wakasan's Facebook page about the same time.)

    Hotaru ika season is generally between March and May, though I was able to enjoy it at Shunji, Mori, and Kiriko into June.

    Both unagi and anago are available fresh during the summer and is probably winding down. I've seen it offered at Shunji and Kiriko.

    Fresh ikura is available late summer to November. Ken at Kiriko has been serving it for weeks, while Shunji has told me a few weeks ago he's waiting a little while longer before buying and serving it.

    If I think of anything else, I'll post more. If you need a second taster for a trip to Urasawa, I'm game if it's your treat! ;-)

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      According to this website the horsehair crab season (kegani) in Hokkaido runs from April through June. I tend to believe it only because this blog report on a dinner at Urasawa from May of last year talks about one of the dishes that they had with horsehair crab/kegani. If this is all correct then we are on the wrong side of the seasonal period when you might expect to see this item (kegani) at Urasawa.

      1. re: Servorg

        Here's one that says it's in season in Sept. Very confusing:

        FWIW, I had kegani at Urasawa around Sept/Oct. At Mori it was Nov/Dec.

        Here is a trip report from Baloney in Feb 2011 with Kegani:

        Pretty sure JL's visits to Urasawa also yielded kegani during winter and he references it in Baloney's post.

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            Again this Kegani consumed on 9/22/2012 was very much alive, sweet, and filled with kani miso.

            Kegani. Good.


            1. re: Porthos

              I wasn't inferring that yours was not legit.

              1. re: ns1

                I know. I was playing off "keganigate" :)

    2. Just had live, fresh kegani at Yamakase last month. FWIW.