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Sep 6, 2012 09:44 PM

restaurant near Directors Guild Theatre

I will be coming to the New Yorker Festival at the start of October and have a window of about 3 hours to grab a fabulous dinner on the Saturday night in between events. Would like something within walking distance from the Director's Guild Theatre.
Price is no object, but don't want my husband to have to wear a jacket. More chic than formal.
Would like this to be a special upscale foodie kind of dinner.

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  1. Chic and Midtown do not exactly go hand in hand.

    If you don't want your husband to have to wear a jacket, you're immediately removing some of the obvious upscale special fine dining destinations (Le Bernardin, Jean Georges, etc).

    How about the Dining Room at the Modern? It is business casual.

    Another option is Marea, which is "casual elegant" according to their OpenTable page. There have been a few discussions here on their dress code, do a search.

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      Love Bernadin...but as I said we are running between events all day and don't want to have to be that dressed up at lectures etc. The Modern is a great idea....have had some great meals there. Perhaps we could even eat at the bar. I assume the food is just as good albeit different?
      And Marea - good suggestion. Will check out their menu. Thanks!

      1. re: jrabbit2727

        The Bar Room menu is different, it's a la carte with three sections of "half-entrees" or small plates. You can make a reservation for the Bar Room. There is a full bar alongside some lounge tables, a banquette, and free standing tables. I'd reserve, just in case.

    2. Adding Seasonal for their delicious food. Not sure it's too chic, though.