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Sep 6, 2012 09:25 PM

Orlando - Need Three Specific Recommendations near Convention Center

I am flying into Orlando Sunday Morning and I need 3 recommendations:
1. I need a good place to catch the 1:00pm Football game. I need a place that will have all games playing because I am trying to catch the Jets-Bills game (huge Jets fan). Would love a place with great wings or pub food (wing deal would be great).

2. I was hoping to spend some time on a rooftop deck/bar. Need a reccomendation of a place that would be open on Sunday or Monday night . I don't need a great crowd just a cool place to look out over the city.

3. Need one good restaurant recommendation. I plan on having two dinners out (Sunday & Monday) I pretty much think The Ravenous Pig is a definite for me because that is my type of food. I am looking for foodie food. Probably not ethnic food because I go to NYC everyone in a while and feel I can pretty much get the best ethnic food there (or DC which I visit often).

Chowhound has never steered me wrong. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Matt- Charlestown, RI

Last thing, are there any local beers or spirits I should definitely try? If it's not beer I generally lean towards bourbon.

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  1. The Ravenous Pig's sister restaurant Cask & Larder just opened on September 5th, and they have a whole menu of whiskeys and bourbons, plus an incredible-looking Southern-inspired menu. It's in Winter Park near the Pig, and probably quite worth the drive, but it may be incredibly crowded and hard to get into.

    There is an Ale House location on International Drive, very close to the Convention Center. It will also be super-crowded on Sunday, but they'll have plenty of games on and decent (but not mind-blowing) food. People love the Zingers there, which are boneless wings.

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    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

      I have to agree With Lou.

      Considering your write up I think Cask and Larder would be right up your alley. They are closed on Monday and only offer a Sunday Brunch though. But check it out maybe you can squeeze it in for brunch or catch it another day.

      If not you might want to check out The Rusty Spoon Downtown they are open for Dinner Monday and Sunday.

      The Ale House Lou is talking about it probably the best spot for your game. It's a local Florida chain and this is one of the newest and largest locations. If the weather is nice they have a nice outdoor section as well.

      Rooftop Bar - There is Latitudes and Sky Sixty Downtown Orlando. If you go to The Rusty Spoon which is also located Downtown, they aren't to far from there.

      Latitude -
      Sky Sixty -

      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

        We just got back from Orlando at the Ritz/JW Marriott and convention center.
        Miller's Ale House hit the spot for great food and drink...sports bar vibe with TV's all over the place.
        Craving those Zingers!

      2. Guys thanks, I am looking into them. I would kill to go Cask & Larder. Unfortunately I arrive Sunday & leave tuesday at 3 do I won't be able get there. I would grab brunch there sunday but they are not open for brunch until next weekend. That is exactly the type of menu I like. Damn!

        1. You are hitting exactly what I love. The Rusty Spoon looks good as well.

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          1. re: RIfoodie29

            I know I was sad for you when I realized Cask and Larder wasn't open during your stay.

            but try the Rusty Spoon, it's great.

            1. re: Sandwich_Sister

              Even worse, The Ravenous Pig is not open for dinner on Sunday or Monday ARGGHHHH!

              Definitely will hit Miller's for the Zingers and the game, put I don't have a dinner recommendations.

              I am thinking Cafe Tu Tu Tango for one night and Pio Pio the other night. Anyone have any alternative recommendations for a dinner?

          2. Whoops forgot about the Rusty Spoon. I will definitely give that a try.

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            1. re: RIfoodie29

              Try Rusty Spoon, You can do Cafe Tu Tu Tango as well. There is also Normans at the Ritz near you as well.

              1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                Ok i am down here now, and here's the update:
                1. Sunday -of started at Miller's Ale House &the it was perfect. Had a beer sampler that was cheap with a bunch of good beers, the house special zingers (garlic butter/hot sauce) which were very yummy, &the a $2.95 Captain & Coke (what a deal). JETS game was on 2with tvs &there was tons of wild Jets fans going crazy during the blow out win. Perfect recommendation.
                2. Last night went to Tu Tu Tango. - the hostest was not good and did not listen to us about where we wanted to sit. The waitress was awesome however. Had a special mojito with basil &the some awesome rum $5.95 delicious. Had empenadas which were awesome, cilantro cream that came with it was excellent. Had tuna tacos on hard shells (my favorite). Had korean pork sliders recommended by the waitress. They were just ok. They seemed like they were trying to pull off a pork bun and it didnt work. I am a pork bun officionado Nycs bauhaus, fatty crab & momofuko). It was not in the class of nyc greats but tasted ok. The art in cttt is awesome. My co-worker bought three pieces of art for her office & loved it.

                3. Went to Bakery Pao Gostoso today for lunch. WOW WOW WOW. Had a chicken & cheese, beef & cheese & guava paste epenada, a chicken &cheese cheese ball & a special soda. It was all $12the and amazing. I then went to an obesity presentation and felt real guilty.

                Tonight i am about to head to Pio Pio. I would go to the Rusty Spoon but wanted to stay a bit closer because there is an event at the conference i am at at The Peabody.

                Thanks to all those that gave recommendations. Everything has been perfect so far. Chowhound has still never let me down.


                1. re: RIfoodie29

                  After thought, we should have suggest Cafe Tu Tu Tango for you. It's near where you are, It's a fav of mine.

                  Now I really need to go to Pao Gostoso .

                  I'm glad you enjoyed the ale house for your game!

                  And I really hope you love Pio Pio, and I think you will.


                  1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                    I need to try Pao Gostoso and Pio Pio now, too.

                    So glad you're having a good time and eating well so far!

                    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                      Pio Pio was really hard to find. Very tucked away in a side shopping mall. Almost gave up. Glad i didn't. Had a quarter chicken with rice & beans and casava. Chicken was amazing! I could have eaten 4 whole birds. Casava (which was like fried yucca) was awesome super crispy and not too dense or starchy. The white dipping suace (garlic sauce?) Was great. The green sauce almlst blew my head off and i generally like hot food but that was crazy. Rice was perfect and beans on the side so you coukd mix yourself. Ate every bite. Good red sangria. The two stars were the tres leches cake. Which was the best i have ever had by a longshot &the service. I was eating alone which can be awkward nut my waiter was ultra friendly. Great tunes playing too (i love latin music). Whole meal $29 with tip how can you beat that?

                      So you far have loved all the chowhound recommendations. Atlanta, Chicago, NYC, Dallas, Salem, Ma, Savannah, The Bershires, Block Island chowhound never fails.

                      Last meal tomorrow Press 101.

                      Thanks guys!

                      1. re: RIfoodie29

                        Hope you liked press 101. It's a great little wine and sandwich type shop.

                        I'm fond a few of their sandwiches.