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Sep 6, 2012 07:10 PM

Foodies with extra-perceptive taste sense?

I've recently completed a personality test that came back and said my senses were more heightened than most. That coincided with friends having recently mentioned that "I seemed to taste more flavors" than they did. Do you find that to be the case? I'm 50 years old and never heard it before. But now that I think about fits so much of my food affection!

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  1. Are you referring to "supertasters"? If so then I know there are a few threads on this, and it seems more common that you might think.

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      Oh thank you.....I'm new to boards and I got to thinking later that I should've looked for it first. Thank you...and haven't ever heard the term "supertasters" before.

      1. re: Dcn4Jesus

        IF you search on General Topics and Not about Food you will find a lot of info.
        There is one in particular that started out about soapy-tasting cilantro:

        Also "Supertatsters Unite:
        And Awesome Friends with food sensitivities:

        Happy reading :)