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Sep 6, 2012 06:18 PM


I have some barley I want to use up, but other than a couple of recipes, I'm not too sure of ways to use this grain.

Any suggestions?

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  1. you can make it risotto style: barlotto.

    1. I've made it 'chicken and rice' style...with the barley subbing for the rice.

      1. 2 of our favorite barley recipes:

        Barley Pilaf with Peas, recipe clipped from the box of Quaker Scotch Brand Quick Pearled Barley, found on a recipe website apparently intact:,1650,...

        Barley, Spinach, and Mushroom Pilaf, from the Brand Name Cookbook by Sandra Woodruff, R.D.
        Link to the recipe does cite one of Ms. Woodruff's other books which includes the same recipe,
        (I hope I have followed Chowhound posting guidelines!)

        1. Barley can be used in a lot of places rice can be - I particularly like beef barley soup.

          I had some extremely good bean/barley/pecan veggie burgers in a small town in upstate New York recently, but haven't been able to either find a recipe or reproduce them.

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            The veggie burgers sound interesting.

            1. re: Musie

              It was good - and would have been even better with bacon! The person at the restaurant I talked to claimed the barley kept it from being too dense.