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Sep 6, 2012 05:35 PM

Russian Dressing

I've got a tried and proven bad ass corned beef recipe and am looking for a very traditional Russian Dressing recipe for a sandwich. I know historically Russian Dressing was made w sour cream and caviar. Need to keep it on the affordable side for my menu. Any suggestions welcomed.

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  1. Did your search of this site not yield any recipes to your liking?

      1. An old thread was started in 2010, but folks have added to it as recently as Spring of 2012, "Russian vs. Thousand Island dressing [moved from Home Cooking]" You might find some of it interesting. But you know how Chowhounds can dig in their heels about certain ingredients being authentic and others being entirely forbidden- the debate is all there.
        A recipe I have used for Russian Dressing comes from a 1950s cookbook called The Supermarket Cookbook- simple:
        1/2 Cup mayonnaise, 1/2 cup chili sauce, 1 Tablespoon chopped green pepper 1Tablespoon of chopped onion or chives. Done!
        (I hope you don't insist it had to have sour cream and caviar)
        Russian Dressing was a common dressing in the 1950s, then kind of disappeared, so I like the idea of pulling a simple recipe from a cookbook from back-in-the-day. "Ken's" has the only bottled Russian dressing in the supermarket that I know of. Its a lot easier to find in the stores than it used to be.

          1. I just ran across another Russian- Thousand Island Dressing debate in the ChowHound archives you might take a look at. Reuben sandwich fans of all stripes weighed in. "Reubens Complaint" thread, originally posted July 4, 2009 with latest update August 1, 2009. I think there is a Russian Dressing recipe down the thread a-ways, but it does not have caviar or sour cream.