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Sep 6, 2012 05:09 PM

Thanksgiving in Detroit area

My wife and I are traveling to the Detroit area to visit family for Thanksgiving. We usually stay in Novi or Southfield. We'd like to take her grandma and uncle out for Thanksgiving and am curious to what the best options are. We are looking for traditional with all the fixings. Cost is not and issue, and quality is a must. Location is flexible as well.

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  1. If price is no object, Rugby Grille in Birmingham would be one I'd consider.

    1. The Holly Hotel did a nice when we went there a few years ago.

      1. Thank you both, I need to call both places and see what the deal is. Any other suggestions?

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          You also might want to call several of the Matt Prentice Group restaurants. Dunno if they
          are even open, but if they are, I'd trust any of them.

          No. VI Chophouse
          Northern Lake Seafood Co.

        2. as it gets closer to Thanksgiving, the Detroit papers generally run a list of venues with Thanksgiving service.