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Sep 6, 2012 04:35 PM

Dinner for 20 - City Hall or Cabbagetown

Looking for a nice place for a small wedding dinner either around City Hall or in Cabbagetown.

We're hoping so spend around $50 a person+tip/tax.

Somewhere with a nice private room would be nice.

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  1. Does that budget include champagne and drinks/wine? Which is more importnat, the food or the ambience? Also, for a chef's table or private room, and for cute little places with small kitchens, numbers are really important. Is your likely number more 15-ish people or 25-ish? DO you need a single table set-up? (I would think so.) Are you a swish and soigne group of adults, or will this be multigenerational and very family-ioriented group? Weekend or weeknight? My first thoughts are of the better , and better-looking, Greek, Indian, and Chinese places. $100/couple (since you don't mention drinks I assume you have not included them, but now will) for a festive occasion, food and drink, is enough for top-of-the-menu at a modest place, or the bottom at an expensive one. Separate checks, or hosted? FUll menu, or selected items?

    Almost every restaurant I can think of will be happy to tell you what they can and cannot do for you. I love Cabbagetown but the dining options are limited. JAM Cafe and F'Amelia are the nicest, with best eats, could work to that price, but neither has the space I imagine you a re looking for.

    MOre info , please?

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      we're going to be a group of 20. It's a saturday, early evening dinner. Mostly all family. Setup isn't a big deal in terms of one table or a few large ones.

      We've found most places want to do a set menu for a group size which while ok, isn't our preference. We'd love for the $50 to include drinks, but would be ok if it didn't.