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Sep 6, 2012 03:51 PM

Desperate for Roma/Plum tomatoes for sauce-September 14th

Desperate for Roma/Plum tomatoes for sauce-September 14th
Desperate for Tomato bushels for sauce
Im looking to buy bushels of tomatoes for sauce. I know I am late in the season, and already called Corrados Farm in New Jersey to buy the , and they advised they will most likely be out of them. I'm looking to do my sauce September 15th. Any help I can get I woul greatly appreciate. Websites say I should be able to get them through to October. Any direction would help! Thank you!

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  1. Here's a listing that might help you with your search ...

    1. Frank and Sal's have them @8008 (80th Street) 18th Avenue, NY 11214 (718) 331-8100. I also saw them at a produce market in the 60s on 18th Avenue. In years past I've also seen trucks selling them along 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst.

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        I went by Frank and Sal's this am and didint see any bushels onsale - admittedly, it was in the middle of a huge cloudburst. There is a cheap produce stand on a side street several blocks up on 18th from F&S - on the W side of 18th it might be worth a look.

        what i did see at F&S - beautiful italia (muscat) grapes with no flavor, delicious san daniele prosciutto and mozzarella, excellent stuffed peppers (mixed veg and rice) those fresh packaged pastas from the cilento,impeccable herbs and meats, ready to cook, mandarins from peru Im going to use to make liqueur (COTM Food of Calabria, this month)

      2. along the same vein as nychas i was driving through bensonhurst (maybe?) on my way to the verazano the other day and saw what i thought was a garden center with a big sign advertising that they sold tomatoes for sauce by the crate. maybe googlign around or even heading out that way and just snooping would yeild some more specific results.

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          The garden center that is just along the W side of 278 as it approaches the BQE is the one you are thinking of - I think it is on the corner of Bay Ridge Parkway and 7th Ave which runs along on the west of the highway at that point (nr 74th St)

          You also might want to check with some of the farmers market vendors - really at any of the markets- and see if they will sell you/bring to you next week a basket of culls. Maybe the Sat market at 4th Ave and 60th would be cheap.

        2. In past years, I've seen bins of tomatoes-for-sauce at 3 Guys market on Ft Hamilton and 65th St. I'm not sure if they have any right now, or if these are Roma or other varieties. The bins for this kind of stuff are on the 65th St side at the back of the outdoor stands.

          They publish specials on their website No tomatoes in this week's flyer but it might be worth giving them a call.

          Also, just checked and they actually do have a picture of a crate of tomatoes-for-sauce on their Facebook page, and they look like Romas to me. They posted it August 14, no idea if they have them now.

          Hmmm, they've become quite a sophisticated operation. Facebook page, fancy logo, community outreach and everything. Looks like somebody went to the Executive MBA program at Harvard, LOL.

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            Nice work falconress. Those are sauce tomatoes for sure and fairly nice looking ones to boot. When you buy sauce tomatoes, you always want to get the most for your money. The heavier the case, usually the greater the yield. Always look for cases (bushels) filled to the top. Reach down in the middle to make sure none of the tomatoes are rotted in between and hidden with the others. Often times you'll find tomatoes bruised from being mishandled and overstacked, so when you see that, move on to another store. This years harvest of tomatoes seems to be very good. We got ours in the Bronx, and they were supposedly sourced from North Carolina. Little rain in NC made for some awesome tomatoes this year. I think the cases we purchased were 40 or 50 pounds, $18.99 per. The OP has posted this same thread on multiple boards ... gotta find them somewhere.

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              This place on LI usually has plum tomatoes, also pick-your own if desired. September would normally be the time of the year for plum tomatoes in the Northeast but everything is early this year because of the warmer than normal spring and summer.

              Like Cheese Boy says heavy is better, not just for value but because a heavier box or bushel generally indicates greater ripeness. A box of dead ripe tomatoes will always weigh more than the same volume of partially ripe. You really don't want any green shoulders showing on tomatoes used for sauce. That is one reason why if you have the time and inclination to pick your own and can find a farm that offers such, you can choose just the nice ripe ones.

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              I was at 3 guys this morning and didnt see bargain tomatoes - but I didnt ask and didnt have this info either.
              thanks for the extra research

            3. What about the Brooklyn Terminal Market at Foster and Remsen Aves? They do sell to the public, and have been a source for wine grapes for many years Here's a link, with a list of vendors.