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Sep 6, 2012 03:27 PM

Pleasantly Surprised at Malibu Seafood

We spent a lot of time at the beach in the weeks leading up to school starting and I was really quite pleasantly surprised by the food at Malibu Seafood -- Fresh Fish Market and Patio Café. I really wanted a beachy fish experience prior to playing in the sand and waves and it delivered much better food and value than I expected. I was expecting it to be hideously expensive and not really very good and then having to be further entertained by Mr. JudiAU complain about everything Left Coast during lunch.

Fried things are freshly prepared and nicely cooked. Grilled things are as well. Prices were pretty reasonable, considering the budget buster combo of fresh fish and Malibu. I also loved that the menu was really flexible with different price points and sizes which made it super easy to order for the kids.

Recommended dishes: fish and chips, fried shrimp, grilled shrimp plate, and clam chowder. Even the ice tea was good because it was strong, plain, and black. The fried clams were fine but inferior to the other dishes, as you would expect. Also, they sell Beachy Cream Ice Cream sandwiches which are very tasty.

My other weird beach discover is that I didn’t particularly like the frequently lauded gelato at Grom. It wasn’t that it wasn’t very good, it was, it just felt heavy and strong and fatty after a day at the beach. None of us finished the small portions. On subsequent visits we stuck to the excellent sorbets and were really happy. I’ve always thought it would be a cold day in hell or perhaps a hot day in Malibu when my bittersweet chocolate loving three year old would choose a fruit flavor but there you have it.

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  1. Yes, we really like the place too, and are always impressed with the freshness. Will have to hit them up again soon before summer gets away from us, thanks for the reminder & glad you & yours enjoyed it too.

    1. I, too, like Malibu feels like what I think Malibu was like 40 years ago, before it became a billionaires paradise.

      I was underwhelmed by Grom as well...really pricey, and the gelato has an odd one in the family wanted to return. Our personal favorite is Gelato Paradiso in OC, though I had some very good gelato at Pazzo in Silverlake last week.

      1. The ceviche isn't bad either, if you're looking for something non-greasy.

        Avoid the fried oysters. They taste like they came out of a freezer.

        1. This is my favourite place in Malibu. It satisfies all my "seafood shack" needs. I think it's a pretty decent fish market, too.
          I've occasionally had trouble finding a decent place to park or sit - so maybe I should just stop talking about this place.

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            I ordered the steamed mussel here and they came with the beard still attached which is quite disgusting. When I took it back to the counter to point out that they didn't clean the mussels they informed me "that's the way we serve them" Really?