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Sep 6, 2012 01:10 PM

Lincoln NE restaurant recs for a tourist?

Gonna be in Lincoln and the surrounding areas next week. What's good?

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  1. What do you like and what other towns will you be in? Basically, what other towns in the area are you visiting and what are you looking for? Do you want more upscale, or the cheap places I used to eat there when I worked in Lincoln before grad school. They've kind of got a little bit of everything which I like.

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      We like pretty much anything and everything, from any ethnicity. We'd like to keep the prices reasonable - where we're from, that would be $50ish for 2 without alcohol. But we don't have any pretentious hangups about cheap eats if they're good.

      We'll be based in Lincoln for about 4 days. The only places I know for sure we'll go is the SAC museum in Ashland and the Museum of American Speed in Lincoln. So, Ashland if there's anything good (otherwise we'll just wait till we get back to Lincoln to eat), and Lincoln itself.

      1. re: shadowfax

        Pretty much everything will seem cheap to you in Lincoln - you can get a perfectly serviceable meal for two here *with* drinks for not that much more than $50. If you want to go high end -- the highest we've got -- you're looking at more like $100, but as you can see it's really not a very expensive part of the world. That doesn't mean the food isn't good, though.

        I suggest doing a search on this board for Lincoln. Several of us have been giving the rundown on our fave spots here, and you'll find lots of tips. Vietnamese, Mexican, Thai, Indian, we've got it. Note that not all Mexican is good here, though -- if you decide to go that route, stick with Super Taco (see other posts for location - not a chain, despite the name - it's a family-run kind of place).

        Edited to add:
        ...just a sampling...

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          Thanks for the pointers! We ended up not having as much eating out time as we had thought - we were visiting someone in the hospital and wound up eating in their cafeteria for all but one meal. And as we ended up at that meal with someone less adventurous than we are, we went to Lazlo's instead of something less ordinary.

          That said, Lazlo's impressed! Very good beer cheese soup and steaks, and we ended up buying several 6-packs of their beer.

          We found ourselves wishing they'd open one in the Twin Cities, if only so that we could easily source the beer.

          1. re: shadowfax

            Lincoln does impress on occasion, it's true. It's been an endlessly pleasant surprise for us.